At least 5.5%: 9 High-Yield Dividend Stocks!

    At least 5.5%: 9 High-Yield Dividend Stocks!


    As an online investing enthusiast, dividend stocks are one of the investments you need to consider. The dividend stocks are the right choice for you if you need a regular flow of income. The high-yield dividend stocks distribute part of the company's earnings to you as an investor for a specified period as agreed. Depending on the company that you choose to invest in, you can be sure to receive your share in the company's earnings quarterly and an increased payout over time.

    For a while now, the dividend stocks have been the determinant of the total market returns, making them the best for you as an investor with a mind of consistent income flow. If you opt to invest by buying the monthly dividend stocks, you can be sure of cash collection each month.

    Here are the nine best high-yield dividend stocks that you can consider:

    1. Energy Transfer Dividend Stock

    2. British American Tobacco

    3. AT&T

    4. Healthpeak Properties (PEAK)

    5. Exxon Mobil Corp

    6. China Mobile

    7. Main Street Capital

    8. Philip Morris International

    9. Chevron Corp (CVX)

    Energy Transfer Dividend Stock

    For some time, the energy sector is a fair competitor in the dividend stock market, with a dividend yield of approximately 15.5%. The Energy Transfer is a master partnership limited company that deals with natural gas. Energy Transfer is structured in a pass-through structure that lets it avoid incurring corporate tax expenses, thus distributing the available cash flows to you as an investor. The pass-through system makes Energy Transfer the best dividend stock you can invest in for regular cash flow.


    British American Tobacco

    Although the energy sector has been one of the high dividends yielding, the tobacco sector has not been left behind and has been among its investors' top cash flow generator.

    As an investor, British American Tobacco allows you to access your dividends quarterly. The significant part of this dividend stock is, it pays you high even if you are an ordinary shareholder.

    Suppose you need wide brands to invest in. In that case, you need to consider British American Tobacco's portfolio that comprises brands such as the Dunhill, Natural American Spirit, Pall Mall, Grizzly snuff, Vuse e-cigarettes, and many more.


    As an investor, you need a dividend stock that could be able to maintain your cash flow for a while to raise the price per share with time, and AT&T does not disappoint. It falls among the list of dividend stock companies that have raised their dividend per single year for the last three years.

    AT&T not only deals with internet and cell services but is also vertically integrated, owning cable and satellite TV services. Although with an enticing 6.9 dividend yield and 104% payout ratio, you need to have in mind that AT&T is not a growth stock but serves as an investment that only preserves capital but provides you a substantial income.

    Healthpeak Properties (PEAK)

    PEAK comes with different and unique operational criteria that place it at the top of the best dividend stocks you can invest in in 2020. It trades at 15 times, assures you its stabilization potential, and allows you to choose from its broad portfolio.

    Unlike other dividend stocks that evade corporate taxes, PEAK operates under some rules, one of them being that it should dispense at least 90% of its yearly income to the investors. If you are leaned to matters to do with medical offices, life sciences, and even senior housing, the PEAK is your best dividend stock to invest in.

    PEAK further assures its investors a dividend yield of 5.6% with a payout ratio of 289%.

    Exxon Mobil Corp

    You cannot fail to mention Exxon Mobil Corp when you talk of the world's largest oil and gas companies. Even with the fluctuation of prices for the oil and gas products, Exxon Mobil Corp still assures you as an investor a large dividend.

    This dividend stock company has maintained a 9.5% dividend yield for years now despite making losses at some point. The loses of this company does not affect your cash flow as an investor in Exxon Mobil Corp.


    China Mobile

    China Mobile is among the largest telecommunication company with over 1 billion subscribers. The analysts rank China Mobile because of its most robust balance sheets, generating about $58 billion in cash, supporting its 5.6% dividend payout.

    If you are interested in investing in technology-related dividend stocks, then the right dividend stock is China Mobile. With the 5G network technology, China Mobile assures you a bright future as its investor.

    Main Street Capital

    Main Street Capital is one of the dividend stocks that you, as an investor, can invest in. it majorly deals with equity and debt financing to individuals and even other companies. It pays about $2.4 per share with a dividend yield of 7.7%.

    The Main Street Capital was formed with a primary role of supporting buyouts, growth financing, acquisitions, and recapitalizations. It's viable for you to invest in as it makes annual earnings that range between $10 and $100 million. The more income it generates, the better dividends you gain.

    As an investor, if you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or you offer management team services, Main Street Capital seeks to partner with you.



    Philip Morris International

    Philip Morris International has significant shares in the international cigarette and heated tobacco market. It is considered as a tobacco giant with its adjusted earnings per share of 5.6% in the last quarter.

    As a good investor, you need to monitor the operating margin before you invest. Philip Morris International offers the best; 1.8%. This assures you a 6.5% dividend yield as an investor.

    Philip Morris International hosts different multi-billion brands such as Dji Sam Soe 234ler of cigarettes in Indonesia, the Longbeach, the Marlboro premium brand, L&M, and many more. Its reputation and high dividend yield place it at the top and make it trustable for you as an investor.

    Chevron Corporation

    The oil and gas dividend stocks seem to dominant the dividend stock market. Chevron Corporation, a U.S based oil company, is a unique oil company that has maintained a steady rise of dividends for at least 25 years.

    Despite the downstream and upstream of cash flows, Chevron Corporation is committed to letting you gain access to its 6.3% dividend yield over the invested amount. You are safe with the Chevron Corporation because of its regular market competition and reputation. Chevron Corporation spends almost $1.2 quarterly as dividend payouts.

    Other High-yield dividend stocks include;

    Total SE (TOT) is a French integrated oil and Gas Company that offers dividend stocks. If you invest in this, you are assured of a dividend yield of 7.8%.

    Reality Income- Realty Income offers a dividend yield of 4.5%, which might be lower than the 5.5% set dividend yield but has a diversification benefit. Its properties are spread throughout almost all U.S states that give it easy access.

    Shaw Communications- as one of the largest cable company in larger Canada, Shaw Communications gives its investors a dividend yield of 4.7%. In case you are interested in communication fields like the internet, television, and even mobile fields, then Shaw Communication could be the best dividend stock for you.

    Stag Industrial- this gives its investors a dividend yield of 4.4%. Stag Industrial is a real estate trust, and to make sure dividend flow to its investors, it pays out 90% of its income to investors.

    The dividend stocks are excellent income-generating investments everyone could long for. To make sure you climb the ladder to high dividend income flow, the dividend stocks allow you to reinvest the earned dividends. Do scrutiny on the dividend stocks before investing in any of them; the listed ones give you the best ones that you can trust.


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