Where Can I Buy XRP: A Beginner Guide on How to and Where to Buy XRP

    Different investors invest in different platforms that may be locally available where you live or international. For different investments, there are different ways that you can exchange the currency to your local banks, or you can send or receive different currencies. You need to identify the right currency and the exchange platform to send or receive money. One of the most trusted, simple-to-use, and safe platforms and cryptocurrency is the XRP that we can mostly refer to as Ripple.

    Understanding XRP

    XRP, also known as Ripple, is a name that is used to refer to a currency and an exchange platform that can be used as a currency exchange site. Ripple is used to referring to the name of a company and network that offers you the XRP cryptocurrency. This platform is structured to act as an open-source protocol that you can use to transact cheap and fast digital XRP currency. 

    The XRP ledger is credited for the new way that investors can use to operate a suitable blockchain even with regulated entities requiring special laws to transmit money.

    Where Can I Buy XRP?

    XRP is a cryptocurrency that you can buy from different sites that allow for buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. 

    Some of the best platforms that you can buy XRP cryptocurrencies include;


    This is one of the exchange platforms where you can buy and sell numerous cryptocurrencies, including the XRP cryptocurrency. The Etoro platform provides an easy-to-use interface that different investors, be it experts or beginners, can find easy to trade on XRP crypto. Although this platform is simple, it has all the comprehensive information that you need to start and continue trading on XRP, among other cryptocurrencies.

    You can always count on the Etoro XRP trading platform as it allows you to access analysis tools and advanced XRP cryptocurrency charts. You can create a customized watch list through the platform that will help you keep track of the XRP market trends by receiving real-time updates.

    Apart from the XRP cryptocurrency, the Etoro also allows you to trade other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ADA, ETH, BNB, and many more. With Etoro, you can also trade CFDs, and Stock & ETFs, and many more trading.


    Ripple is an XRP cryptocurrency exchange platform and also provides a platform to receive or send XRP cryptocurrency. It allows an easier way that you can exchange the XRP cryptocurrency without struggling. 

    Ripple owns an advanced blockchain technology that allows for global payments that are rising to be an inclusive financial system ---where you can trust for all your financial affairs.

    Ripple gives you all the reasons to trade through their platform as they have a decentralized infrastructure that you can transact the XRP cryptocurrency in few seconds, a modernized messaging with 100% transparency, liquidity solutions, and many more advantages.


    Kraken also falls among the best platforms where you can buy XRP. Apart from buying the XRP, you can also sell your XRP cryptocurrencies in a safe and trustable way. They have XRP customized guides that will make it easy for you to transact with ease.

    They allow you access to a simple-to-use platform that will let you feel like an expert in buying and selling XRP. There are no complicated barriers that will deter you from transacting your XRP cryptocurrency. 

    The Kraken platform makes use of the Maker and Taker fee model. This model works in a way that gives you an option to get lower fees rates when you add liquidity to the market, unlike taking it away. The taker fees come into play when you make an XRP order that is in line with the order that is already captured in the books, while the maker fees come into play when you, as an investor, puts an order that is not immediately matched with the order on order books.


    If you have been looking for the best platform where you can buy XRP cryptocurrency, uphold is such a platform. This platform allows you to access an integrated platform, get instant verification, access all you need to transact XRP through a mobile app, two-factor authentication for security reasons, and many more positives.

    You can use Uphold universally, allowing you to transact over 40 other cryptocurrencies apart from the XRP. The cryptocurrencies that you can transact through uphold apart from XRP include Bitcoin, Etherium, Cardona, over 23 traditional currencies, about four precious metals, and many more.

    How Can I Buy XRP?

    After learning the best platform you can visit to buy and sell XRP, it is prudent that you also learn how you can do the transaction through the chosen site.

    Here are simple steps that you can employ to make the buying of XRP a success;

    Open an Account- this is the first step of setting your investment with the XRP. For you to open an account, you need to identify the online broker that allows you to buy Ripple. You can get one of the platforms from the one we have mentioned above and open an account with them.

    Account Verification- here, you need to authenticate that the account you have created is genuine and you are a genuine investor. Most online brokers require that you scan your ID and upload it so that they can verify the information given during the signing-up process.

    Depositing of Funds- after opening an account and verifying that you are the rightful user, the online broker you choose. You need to check through your broker to learn the minimum deposit you can make. Different online brokers require variable minimum deposits that you can make in order to start buying XRP.

    After depositing the funds, it's time now to study the market trend of XRP and gauge whether you need to sell or buy the XRP. Your online broker will further allow you to access the research tool and give a third-party suggestion on your investment.

    What do I do After Buying XRP?

    There are many decisions you can make after buying your XRP cryptocurrency. Here are some of them;

    Store your XRP- you can easily store your XRP easily. It is advisable to hold your XRP cryptocurrency as you monitor the market trends before selling them out. 

    Sell your XRP- if the market for XRP shifts positively and its price rises above the buying price, then you can sell out your XRP, making a profit.

    Spend the XRP- XRP allows you to pay for goods and services using credit cards. 

    Why Should I Buy XRP?

    Here are the reasons that will push you to accept to buy and invest with XRP;

    Affordability- among the available cryptocurrencies in the market, XRP is one of the cheap ones. With as little as $0.60, you can invest in XRP. The XRP allows you to buy low and sell high, obeying the law of cryptocurrencies.

    Highly Stable- the XRP holds a large market capitalization that makes it resistant to market volatility, a thing that many investors consider before they can invest.

    Stable Partnership- because of the stability and the technology that allows for easy and faster transfer of currency, many financial institutions are partnering with ripple. This has made XRP have very potent partnerships that you will also enjoy as an investor. 

    High Ranking- XRP ranks high among other cryptocurrencies because of how efficient it is. It brings the most updated banking system that solves the flaws that are associated with the old banking systems. This has given it high rankings from many users who invest and transact through this platform.

    Bottom Line

    As you make your investment plan, think of investing in XRP. The better side of dealing with XRP is that you can invest, trade, and exchange currency under one platform. The stability against any volatility in the market associated with XRP makes it one of the best cryptocurrencies you can count on.



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