How to Mine Bitcoin? A Step by Step Guide on How to Mine Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and other Cryptocurrencies

    As an investor, you need to maximize your financial wealth as preparation for the future of investment currencies. This is in a quest to make sure you are up to date with the market trends, and you renew your interest in multiple ways that you can make profits.

    You can participate in the upside digital currencies without directly buying them using crypto mining. Bitcoin, being one of the cryptocurrencies, you can mine them easily by solving composite mathematical equations that can verify the Bitcoin transaction while updating the blockchain-a shared ledger.

    What is Bitcoin Mining?

    New bitcoins are introduced into circulation but do not play a central role in maintaining and developing a blockchain ledger. Bitcoin mining can be performed using sophisticated computers that you can use to solve sophisticated and complex mathematics problems.

    We can further understand bitcoin mining as the process that you can use to verify transactions and add them to a digital ledger.

    Bitcoin mining has received massive interest as many investors have seen the potential to make a living. This has caused a surge in the price of bitcoins as one of the best ways to participate in the upside of digital currencies without having to buy them directly.

    What are the Steps Involved in Bitcoin Mining?

    Bitcoin mining can be very involved as you need to leave your electrical setup running in a constant state as everything is done electronically. Although the process is demanding, it will be easy for you if you follow this stepwise process.

    Blockchain mining encompasses several steps that are electronically executed. They include;

    Bitcoin Mining Steps

    1. Verify whether your transaction is valid.

    2. Allow your transactions to be bundled into a bitcoin block

    3. The header of the most recent bitcoin block is selected electronically and got into a new block as a hash.

    4. The newly selected block is added to the bitcoin blockchain and added to the peer-to-peer network.

    This marks the last actin on the first step of bitcoin mining. It is now time to verify the work. This step is also done electronically following the following sequence of executions;

    Proof of Work (PoW)

    · A proposal for a new block is set.

    · The header of the latest block and nonce get combined to create a hash.

    · The created hash generated its hash number.

    · The hash is gauged, and if it is less than the Targeted Value, the PoW has been elucidated.

    · You, as the bitcoin miner you receive the reward in the form of bitcoins and any other transaction fees that you might have used or going to use

    · If the hash number is less than the Targeted Value, the whole process of calculations is repeated.

    How Can I PoW?

    Proof of Work (PoW) involves the search of the right nonce through random computation to establish a correct data string. Nonces are meaningless data strings attached to the bitcoin blockchain block. The correct data string is computed by a mining rig.

    The production of the proof of work is a random exercise that requires mining rigs to compute numerous computations in a second. This increases the probability that the proof of work will be computed.

    Because of the technicalities involved in the proof of work, the hash power or the hash is a key consideration if you want your mining pool to deliver a reasonable investment.

    Repeating the bitcoin mining calculations makes bitcoin mining a difficult process, but you need to have it repeated for you to reap. There is a process of mining the bitcoins in a difficult form.

    Here are the steps involved;

    · More bitcoin miners are invited to join the peer-to-peer network

    · The bitcoin block creation rate is enhanced

    · The bitcoin mining duration is reduced

    · The bitcoin mining difficultness increases

    · The bitcoin block creation declines

    · The average mining time reduces the ideal duration of 10 minutes

    · This cycle continues to repeat itself at about 2-week cycle

    Bitcoin Cloud Mining

    Bitcoin Cloud Mining is a channel in which you can receive the new bitcoins without having the mining know-how or possessing the bitcoin mining hardware. This makes it possible for you and the bitcoin mining world to be attracted to bitcoin mining even if you dint have the technical knowledge involved in bitcoin mining.

    If you want to engage in bitcoin cloud mining, you don't need to own bitcoin mining hardware as there will be a bitcoin mining company that you only need to register with. You are required to set up an account and buy shares or sign a mining contract. The company does the mining for you and gives you the returns on a set basis.

    As you venture into cloud mining, you need to be aware that various risks come with this line, like lower profits, halting of operations when the price of a bitcoin falls below some price limit, and many more risks. However, there are techniques that you can employ to make sure you insure your investments against such risks.

    Such measures include;

    1. Make sure the company owning the hardware has a mining address or a user-selectable pool.

    2. The mining company should be endorsed by the ASIC vendor and advertised by it.

    3. You need to access the company's photos taken from the company's hardware and data center.

    4. The company should allow you to access the hash rate that they sell against the ones used in mining.

    5. A genuine bitcoin mining company should not offer high referral bonuses. If they offer high rewards, they may turn to be Ponzi schemes.

    6. Avoid any bitcoin mining anonymous operators.

    7. The bitcoin mining company should allow you to sell your position or opt-out after the sales.

    When you consider the above, bitcoin cloud mining can be safe for you to invest with.

    How do I Verify Bitcoin Transactions?

    For you to earn as a bitcoin miner, you need to verify the bitcoin transactions. Here, it would help if you verified the one MB (Megabyte) worth of transactions. One of these transactions can be theoretically small, but they are done in thousands.

    As a miner, you need to verify complex mathematical computations that are referred to as proof of work. These computations are aimed at coming up with a 64-digit hexadecimal number referred to as a hash that may be less than or equal to the targeted hash number.

    Your computer as a miner generates out hash numbers are calculated rates of either mega hashes per second (MH/s), gigahashes per second (GH/s), or Tetrahases per second (TH/s). All this is to try to guess the correct answer to the mathematical problem. You, the miner, verify the right answer or an answer below the right answer; it is called verifying Bitcoin Mining transaction.

    Bitcoin Mining Pool

    As you venture into bitcoin mining, you will learn a lot of techniques that are aimed at making sure you make profits. The Bitcoin mining pool is a group of miners that come together to combine their computing power and divide the mined bitcoin among the members. As an individual miner, it may not be easy to mine large amounts of bitcoins as compared to when you work as a pool of miners. The mining pool may work out to form a bitcoin mining company that represents a large mining percentage.

    Bottom Line

    Bitcoin mining may be risky but give good returns. As a brief, for you to start bitcoin mining, you need first to set a mining rig, get the bitcoin wallet and get some members to join the mining pool before you can download the mining program to your computer. After you are done with this step, everything is left to the computer to compute.


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