How to Pick Stocks to Invest In: 11 Tips for Beginner Investors

    Investing in a stock market exchange may seem a dilemma for beginner investors. Tens of thousands of stocks exist, and choosing the best you that is worth may not be easy for you as a beginner investor. We all invest in any business with one aim; growing your money over time and earning dividends. For you to gain, it is always important to be highly selective to make sure you make the right choice that will not leave you regretting.

    Before you start investing in stocks, you need to understand the basics of the stocks as equity investments that represent you as the legal owner of a company. And you become part of the said firm when you buy shares.

    Here are the 11 best basic tips for beginner investors in the stock market

    1. Try to focus on simple and relevant data points.
    2. Stock market news is a great route towards identifying the best stocks
    3. Have a Diversified Portfolio
    4. Make Sure You Set Proper Expectations.
    5. Be Ready for Long Time Holding
    6. Buy Low, Sell High
    7. Be Careful Where You Anchor
    8. Be a Good Researcher
    9. Never Invest In Something You Don’t Understand
    10. Always Set a Margin of Safety
    11. Set Long-Term Hold


    1.Try to focus on simple and relevant data points.

    The stock investing process requires a quiet mind. To avoid disappointments in your investments, try to focus on simple and relevant data points, and stop predicting the unpredictable. Focus on a company; however simple it may be, that has an economic moat and requires a margin of safety.

    2.Stock market news is a great route towards identifying the best stocks

    The peoples’ opinions and stock market news is a great route towards identifying the best stocks in the market. Although you may not entirely depend on this, it may be a great avenue for you to learn the tactics employed in the stock market. It also allows you to be familiar with the stock exchange terms.

    3.Have a Diversified Portfolio

    A diversified personal portfolio places you in several stocks that you can invest in. you may easily decide on the category you want to major in, but choosing the specific stocks to buy may prove an uphill task. A diversified portfolio serves to ease this making it easy to identify the specific stock that suits you. 

    4.Make Sure You Set Proper Expectations.

    You may have heard of how the stocks give the best returns, but as a beginner investor, you may be disappointed if you could think of high returns in no time. If you don’t set the proper expectation, you may be prone to irrational behavior if the expectations are not achieved.

    5.Be Ready for Long Time Holding

    Short time stocks may be volatile and may badly bounce back; thus, predicting short-term stock market trends may be hectic and somehow impossible. Hold your patient and keep your focus on the firm’s performance over time. As time elapses, the form will recognize the value of your business cash flow.

    6.Buy Low, Sell High

    The stock current prices alone should not be the determinant for your decision on either to buy or sell; you need to observe the trend. When the stock prices are low, it does not mean they have lost value; it indicates that it’s time to buy. Later, when they soot highly, then this is the right time to sell them out. Always be guided by the profit margin between the buying price, selling price, and the predicted trends.

    7.Be Careful Where You Anchor

    As a beginner, you may misunderstand the concept of anchoring. 

    You do not need to anchor on the price you invested in buying the stock to gauge your own performance. The concept of anchors lets you understand that the stocks you want to invest in are always priced and later weighed depending on the estimated value of its future flows the specific stock business will produce. This is what you need to focus on.

    If you only focus on the price you paid for the stocks, then you are focusing on the wrong data.

    8.Be a Good Researcher

    The stock market trends keep on changing, and you always need to do the market research of the past and the present to predict the future; the biggest mistake you can make is to rush to invest without a proper study.

    Dive into numerous financial books to get an insight into the real meaning of finance. The stock market is not really complicated, but it can be complicated if you have no finance clue. Even the pros in the stock market always do research, and every time they get new ideas, make sure you invest more time in our research.

    9.Never Invest In Something You Don’t Understand

    This may sound like common sense but believe me, it is easy to be lured to something you don’t understand, and this may be a trap and a threat to your financial investment. Many people may be talking of a certain stock in the market that may seem to make sense to you at that moment, but many have lost on this. Make sure you read the history of the specific stock, understand it then willingly invest in it without any external influence.

    10.Always Set a Margin of Safety

    A margin of safety may be defined basically as insurance of your investments. The future of any stock market may sometimes be unpredictable, and you need a margin of safety just in case things turn to the negative side.

    The margin of safety protects you partially in case you fail to meet your projections. Many great investors always check on this, and as a beginner, you need to emulate the same.

    11.Set Long-Term Hold

    As a beginner investor, you need to understand that the short-term stocks may be volatile, and predicting their trend may be at some point proves to be impossible. When you have invested, you need to hold your patience and focus.

    As you wait, the company you invested in will identify and appropriately value the value of your stocks in the business environment.

    Finding Companies to Buy Stocks From

    After carefully getting an insight over the above tips as a beginner, the bigger exercise of identifying the viable company to invest in now arises. You need to invest much of your time to do the homework of identifying the best company among the best.

    Before you trust a specific company, make sure you do a search to know whether it can accommodate your portfolio. Here are a few guidelines of how you can identify a viable and trustable company;

    1.Company Strength

    Various stocks in the stock market are provided by different companies. I am sure you don’t want to invest in a company with no promising future. You need to start by studying the company’s growth trend to establish its possible future growth. Apart from the growth, you also need to ask yourself this; how does this company compare with its competitors in the market? Are there any advantages that make it unique against its competitors? If the two questions lean towards the positive side, then you can invest in the said company.


    2.Check On the Stability of the Company

    The stock market rises and falls, marking it as a volatile market. At some point in time, the stock company may lose value and, at some point, gains the value. The point here is; how long does the company in question stand stable? 

    You can tell the company’s stability in the market through how it grows its revenues, how it is competitively positioned, and the maintenance of low debt level, and the effectiveness of its top leadership. You need to invest in a company that maintains its stability for the long term for easy and fast returns.

    3.Make Use of a Screener

    A screener is one of the best tools that act as an assistant in filtering the available stocks in the market. The screener also guides you to the sorted companies depending on their dividends, market cap, and investment metrics. This makes it easy for you to make a decision.

    Stock investing is one of the best gigs that you can earn a reasonable living from. For you to fall on the positive side, you need to be careful and rightfully follow the above 11 tips. You will realize the best from the stock exchange market.


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