Gold Stocks: What are Gold Stocks and What are the top Gold Stocks in the Market?

    Everybody likes Gold! This is all thanks to the high value that this gem has maintained over the year. People that hold gold have since the beginning of the world, been seen as very rich people and people of authority and respect. This nature’s gift to us is limited and is not easily gotten by all. Do you know that you can own gold without necessarily holding it physically? Have you heard about Gold Stock before? We shall be talking about Gold Stock and some top Gold Stocks that are available in the stock market in this article.

    1.      What is Gold?

    Gold is a highly valuable, soft, yellow metal that is gotten through mining and can be carved into so many forms. Gold is a symbol of wealth and it would continue to be as it is limited. It reflects and is regarded by both old and new generations of people as a sign of high rank and authority, and it has ever since the days of old been carved into many forms and materials such as jewellery, ornaments, and even some currencies. Gold has been able to keep its intrinsic value so far because it cannot be easily inflated (it has a limited supply). You can own gold in various forms that include buying it like a coin, buying it as bullion or bar, buying it as jewellery, and then buying it as a stock or ETF.

    2.      What are Gold Stocks?

    Gold stocks are simply stocks from public gold companies or ETFs that specialize in gold. Investing in gold stocks is a way of holding gold and not physically owning one. This saves you stress and risks that come with having your gold physically and storing them yourself. Investing in Gold stocks like any other investment has both benefits and risks so it is good to weigh out your options before you decide to invest in them. Generally, it is not a bad idea at all.

    3.      Top Gold Stocks in the Market

    3.1 Torex Gold Resources Inc.

    This is one of the top gold-producing companies in the world. The company is located in Canada and it mainly deals in the development, operation, and exploration of its fully owned Morelos Gold Property.   The Morelos Gold Property has about 29.000 hectares in the Guerrero Gold Belt in Mexico and the company has two main valuable assets that include the Media Luna Project, which is an advanced-stage development project and the Sl Limon Guajes Mine Complex, which has an open pit and underground mines. This company has over the counter (OTC) shares in the US and the symbol of the shares is TORXF.

    3.2 Sibanye-Stillwater Ltd.

    This company is located in South Africa and it is a popular producer of precious metals. It is one of the leading gold companies out there and they mainly develop and extract mineral properties. It has a diversified portfolio that includes platinum meta operations in South Africa and the USA., copper, gold, and platinum operations in South and North Africa, and gold operations and projects in South Africa. This Company is the biggest primary producer of platinum, it is also the second-biggest producer of palladium, and when it comes to gold producers ranking all over the world, it takes the third position. It is a really big company.

    3.3 Calibre Mining Corp.

    This is another big gold mining company that is located in Canada. This company owns multiple assets and also have operations in Latin America. Calibre Mining Corp. controls three producing gold mines. These gold mines are situated in El Limon, La Libertad, and Pavon, which are all in Nicaragua. This company has over the counter (OTC) shares in the US and the symbol of the shares is CXBMF.

    3.4 Gran Colombia Gold Corp.

    This is the biggest underground gold and silver producer in Colombia. Situated in Canada, Gran Colombia Gold is a mid-tier gold producer that has mining operations in Latin America. The company operates several mines in Colombia at its high-grade Segovia Operations. It recently acquired a Toroparu project in Guyana which it is working diligently to improve. It also has many investments in several other mineral projects. This company has over the counter (OTC) shares in the US and the symbol of the shares is TPRFF. Gran Colombia Gold recently saw an increase in the company’s revenue.

    3.5 Equinox Gold Corp.

    This company is also based in Canada and it is a multi-asset company that has its operations within all of America. Equinox Gold Corp. has about seven functioning gold mines all around the US, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. The company is known to carry out an annual gold production that is worth over one million ounces and the Company’s revenue expanded by 5.1% YOY over the last year. This company has over the counter (OTC) shares in the US and the symbol of the shares is EQX.

    3.6 Royal God Inc.      

    This is another leading company when it comes to the gold business. Royal Gold Inc. is a royalty and precious metals producing company that primarily deals in acquiring and managing precious metal streams and royalty interests. The company’s principal assets are all in the production stage and it has exploration assets too. It owns a huge portfolio of precious metals in some great regions of the world and it has seen an increase in the amount of revenue over the past year.

    3.7 Franco-Nevada Corp.

    The company is situated in Canada and it is a company that mainly specializes in gold royalty and streaming. Franco-Nevada owns gold and other gold-related assets in the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, and so many other countries. It also has energy assets and exploration assets. This company has over the counter (OTC) shares in the US and the symbol of the shares is FNV.

    3.8 Wesdome Gold Mine Ltd.

    This company is also located in Canada and it has its Eagle River Complex located in Ontario. This Complex has one underground mine and one open-pit mine. The company deals in mid-tiered gold mining and it operates in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario. This company has over the counter (OTC) shares in the US and the symbol of the shares is WDOFF.

    3.9 Rupert Resources Ltd

    The company is located in Canada and it is a gold mining company that mainly deals in the production and exploration of base and precious metals. Its main mining operations happen in Finland even though it has other properties in Canada and Central Finland. This company has over the counter (OTC) shares in the US and the symbol of the shares is RUPRF.

    3.10 New Found Gold Corp.

    The company mainly deals in the exploration, acquisition, and evaluation of resource properties. New Found Gold Corp. is located in Canada and it is a mineral exploration company that focuses primarily on gold properties in Canada. This company has over the counter (OTC) shares in the US and the symbol of the shares is NFGFF.

    These and lots of other gold companies are where you can get your gold stocks from. These companies have various offers with different terms and conditions; ensure you make your research well and that you compare all available options before making a choice.

    4.      Is Gold Stock worth it?

    Generally, gold is a very great treasure to invest in, you then have the option of either buying your gold and keeping it physically or investing in gold stocks. These two options have their pros and cons. While buying and keeping your gold physically saves you the risk of losing out on all your investment if the company does not perform well, it comes with the price incurring the cost involved in securely holding and storing the gold yourself. On the other hand, while investing in gold stocks allows you the chance of investing in gold even though you are not holding gold physically, you can easily lose all your money if the company’s operational system gets faulty. Generally, investing in gold stock is a great and good innovation and so many investors have gone for that option. It is worth you trying it out.

    5.      Conclusion

    Gold is nature’s gift to the universe and it has maintained high value over so many years. A very good way of making reasonable profits on your money is to invest in gold; there is also the option of investing in gold socks where you necessarily do not have to physically own gold before you enjoy the benefits of investing in Gold. Investing in Gold stocks has lots of benefits and also its own risk so it is better to always make use of good risk management control while investing. Thereare various gold companies that you can buy your gold stocks from and some of these companies have been discussed above. You can do more detailed research and weigh in your options before choosing a particular company to buy your gold stock from.


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