Alphabet Stock: What is Alphabet Stock? How to Buy Alphabet Stock

    Today, there are lots of stocks available to invest in at the stock market and this can leave investors in a dilemma of deciding on which particular stock is best for them to invest in. Because there are various stocks from various companies, an investor should be ready to do detailed research about stocks to know the ones that are best for him in terms of carrying many benefits and fewer risks. Alphabet Stock is one of the very popular stocks out there. Have you heard of Alphabet Stock before? Would you love to know if it is worth investing in? Read on! We shall be looking into the necessary details of alphabet Stock.

    1.      What is Alphabet Stock?

    The Company Alphabet Inc. was initially created in 1998 as a search engine company under the name Google Inc. Today, Google is one of the top search engines in the world as it has about 87% of the share of the global search market. Google has since done more than being a search engine company, in 2015, it created the holding company called Alphabet Inc. and Alphabet is listed under the symbols GOOGL (Class A) and GOOG (Class C) on the Nasdaq exchange. Alphabet Inc gets its revenue from YouTube, Google Search Engine, Chrome browser, Google Cloud, and the Android mobile operating system. The company also has great investments in various technology initiatives that include the Stadium cloud gaming system, Waymo self-driving vehicles, and others. These sources provide a huge amount of revenue for the company.

    Talking about Alphabet Stock, this is one of the top best-performing stocks out there as it keeps seeing a surge in value- all thanks to the growing acceptability of technological advancements. YouTube, Google Search Engine, Chrome browser, Google Cloud, are all widely used by a large number of people and this has seen the Alphabet Company performing excellently. The great performance of the company has also attracted so many investors from way back and is still gaining the attention of investors.

    2.      Is Alphabet Stock Worth it?

    One of the ways of knowing if a particular stock is worth your attention is seeing the company perform excellently- this is what Alphabet Inc. is doing right now! The company is presently one of the leading technology companies all over the world and they have millions of users in almost every country. The Alphabet stock has over time seen high buy pressures as so many investors keep developing a great interest in the sock. The interesting thing is, this trend does not appear as one that is going to end soon as more investors are looking to invest more in the stock. The Alphabet Inc. Company too does not seem tired yet when it comes to delivering high technology services to their users, they keep upgrading and coming up with mind-blowing innovations. Though every investment carries its own risk, the Alphabet Stock appears to be one with very good potential. It is definitely worth the attention of every serious-minded investor.

    3.      How to Buy Alphabet Stock

    Just like buying any other stock, follow the following steps to buy Alphabet Stock:

    3.1 Check out Various Trading Platforms and Compare

    You shouldn’t join any stock trading platform without making your necessary findings if you are not on any stock exchange platform before. There are so many stock trading platforms today and each of these platforms has its unique policy, charges, and bonuses. Each platform has various stocks listed on them. To be on track, check through the various exchange platforms available, look for the one that terms and policy best suits you and then choose it. Again, a good investor is someone who is very good with research.

    3.2 Sign Up and Fund your Account

    After deciding on what platform to use, the next thing to do is to open an account with them. Most platforms would need some personal details from you while signing up. Details like your email, your phone number, your full name, and sometimes your home address. After you have done this, go ahead to put some funds in your brokerage account. This would require some of your bank details and so that is one of the reasons that you should be sure of the exchange platform you are using to be safe from scammers.

    3.3 Use the Search Box

    After funding your brokerage account, the next thing to do is search for the stock you are buying, which in this case is the GOOGL. To do this, type in GOOGL in the search box and you would see the stock pop up. After it pops up, click on it.

    3.4 Input the Amount and Order Type of Your Choice

    Once you have the GOOGL on your screen, specify the quantity of the stock that you intend to buy, making sure that you do not do any mistakes. There is also a part where you might have to choose what order type you want; there is the market order and the limit order. The market order allows you to get the stock immediately after you buy it while the limit order delays the order and only sends it when it gets to the price you want. Choose any of these orders as it best suits you.

    3.5 Double Check for Errors

    This is very important! After you have input all entries, ensure you read through again from the beginning to the end to be sure that you have not typed in anything wrongly. Wrong entries are not reversible most time.

    3.6 BUY

    After you have gone through all your entries and you are very sure that there are no errors, initiate the buying process by clicking on the buy button. Boom! And there you go.

    The major thing that is left to do is to keep a watch over your stock so that you can easily make your decisions on the time to sell it.

    4.      Platforms to Buy Alphabet Stock from

    Alphabet Stock can be bought from the online platforms that it is listed on. These platforms charge various fees and have certain distinct features from the others. It is very good that you compare and look into the feature of each platform to go for the one that best suits your taste. Various exchange platforms offer their customers discounted services from time to time too, so you should stay up to date with the exchange platform you are using. Some of the well-trusted exchange platforms to buy Alphabet Stock from are Robinhood, J.P. Morgan, TradeStation, SoFi,, and others.

    5.      How do I know the best Platform for me to buy From?

    Alphabet stock is sold on various platforms and these platforms have their terms and condition. It is good to do your research, weigh in your options well, and compare these options before choosing the platform to trade on. Generally, you should opt for platforms that are very easy to use as these are the best options for beginners. If you are new to the stock exchange, you should only go for stock trading platforms that are easy to use and that have great offers for beginners. Go for platforms whose app and website is easy to surf and easy to understand to avoid complexities and errors while buying your stocks. Another factor to consider is the safety and trustworthiness of the platform as you are going to be sharing very personal details of you including your bank details when signing up on a stock trading platform and so you should be very certain of the reliability and trustworthiness of that platform. Check out for its developers, and also try to check if it has a reasonable number of users before you sign up. There are so many scam sites out there so you would want to be very careful. You can get a hint about how good their performance is by checking out various feedbacks they have gotten from their past users. Generally, every investor has his peculiar taste and the amount of money he has to offer at each particular time. The best thing is to go for the option that goes on par with these factors.

    6.      Conclusion

    Alphabet Stock is one of the top stocks in the market right now as the price keeps increasing over time. This is all thanks to the great performance of the company with billions of users all over the world. With the growing technological advancement globally, more investors are looking to put even more money on this particular stock. Being a part of Google, we cannot be sure that this stock would not eventually outpass other stocks in the market. Every investment comes with its risks and benefits and you cannot easily predict what will happen to stock in the next few hours. We, therefore, advise that you do your research well, and put in place good risk management control before investing in any stock whatsoever.


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