Gold: The Different Forms of Gold and How to Buy It

    Gold is one of the oldest known treasures on the surface of the earth and people that own real gold are well respected and known as rich people. This treasure is nature’s gift to the world and its limited nature makes it highly competitive and expensive to purchase. Have you thought of buying gold before but you do not know how to go about it? Would you love to know how gold can be safely bought? Hang in there! In this article, we shall be looking at how to buy original gold and the various safe platforms you can buy it from.

    1.      Gold

    There is nowhere in the world where gold is not highly treasured at every given time. The minable nature’s gift is one of the oldest valuables that would continue to get people mesmerized and keep its holders wealthy. Gold has always been a sign of wealth and it would continue to be as it is limited. It reflects and is regarded by both old and new generations of people as a sign of high rank and authority, and it has ever since the days of old been carved into many forms and materials such asjewelrys, ornaments, and even some currencies. Gold has been able to keep its intrinsic value so far because it cannot be easily inflated- and that is all thanks to its limited supply. This particular factor gives it an upper edge over fiat currencies. Gold is one of the very treasured commodities that people strive to buy as it is a great store of value and a good means of diversifying one’s investment. There are a lot of ways to buy or invest in Gold and this article would be looking into these ways.

    2.      Different Forms of Gold

    Gold can be bought in different forms. You can buy and hold them physically and at the same time you can decide to invest in Gold Stocks. The various ways by which you can buy gold are:

    2.1 In form of a Coin

    Many countries are currently minting uncirculated gold coins which serve as a form of legal tender. The very good thing about gold coins is that they are usually easy to buy and you can trust the originality of these coins to a large extent as it is the government that produces them. These gold coins have good value and because they are limited and uncirculated, their values can rise easily at any time.

    2.2 In Form of Jewelry

    This is one of the very common ways of owning gold and it is one of the best options that people go for as buying gold in the form of jewelry does not only afford you the chance of owning gold but also affords you the chance of wearing it. Various jewelries are carved out of gold, and at times, other materials like diamonds are added to it to give it a captivating look to increase its value. Because a lot of work is put into carving out jewelry from gold, the prices of gold jewelry are usually higher, making it expensive to invest in. Also, there are lots of fake jewelry out there that can easily be mistaken for original gold jewelry. This makes it carry higher risks than the other form of owning gold.

    2.3 In Form of Bullion or Bars

    Bullion or Bars are produced by Government mints and certain private companies too like Sunshine Minting, JM Bullion, and others. Though so many people regard bullion as those large bars that are held in Fort Knox, Bullion in the actual sense means a stamped weight and fineness of gold. Bullion can come in a round shape like a coin, it can be in the form of a bar, and it can as well be in the form of any other tradable shape, size, or form. The price of bullion usually entails the cost of refining and shipping, the cost of the metal, and also the dealer’s charges. Buying bullion is one of the safe ways of owning gold.

    2.4 In Form of Gold Stocks and ETFs

    This is an awesome and very convenient way of investing in gold. ETFs hold your bullion for you, making it possible for you to invest in gold while not having to store the metal yourself. You also have the benefits of enjoying dividends on the gold. You can also invest in mining companies that can afford you the chance to diversify your investment into several other precious metals like silver, diamond, and others. One major risk of this method is that you do not own your gold physically and so you tend to lose a lot if the mining company has some challenges or faces some failure in their buy rates.

    3.      How to Buy Physical Gold Online

    We are in an era where you can do almost everything online and buying gold is not left out. Buying physical gold from online sellers is not so difficult as long as you are cautious. To do this, the first thing you have to do is to search for trusted websites that sell gold bar products like JM Bullion, APMEX, and others. After you have searched for these websites, weigh in your options and compare them to see the one whose terms and conditions best suits you. Once you have chosen the retail website of your choice, select the gold bars of your choice according to the specifications that best suits you. Once you initiate the buying process, your gold bars get delivered to you within a specific period. You have the option of either depositing the gold bars in your bank- which seem to be the safest option, or storing them safely in your house while making sure that they don’t get scratches on them.

    There are also Gold-to-Go ATMs in some countries where you can easily buy gold from ATMs, though it is usually more expensive when you are using this method.

    4.      Tips on How to Safely Buy Gold

    Either you intend to hold your gold physically or as a Gold stock, you should be very cautious in other to reduce the risk of high losses. The first thing you need to decide on is whether you want to hold your gold physically or you want to invest in a gold stock; both options come with their benefits and risks so make sure you weigh your options and go for the most suitable one.  If you are buying your gold from an online store, make sure the store is a well-trusted one and make sure that you have fully compared and weighed in various options before choosing an online website to buy gold from. Another very important thing is that you ensure that the feedbacks of that website are majorly good. Be sure that you are comfortable with their terms and conditions like charges and all before making your choice. If you are planning to invest in Gold Stock, make sure that you check out various options of mining companies to invest in and go for the one that is well trusted and whose operational system appears functional. When choosing the exchange platform to trade your gold stock, be very cautious of your choice as you are going to be sharing very personal details of you including your bank details when signing up on a stock trading platform and so you should be very certain of the reliability and trustworthiness of that platform. Check out for its developers, and also try to check if it has a reasonable number of users before you sign up. There are so many scam sites out there so you would want to be very careful.

    Buying Gold, just like buying any other commodity involves great care so as not to eventually run a loss so be sure of your decisions before going ahead, either you are investing in Gold Stock or you are buying and holding your gold physically. As we said, both options come with benefits and risks- you only have to choose the one that best suits you.

    5.      Conclusion

    Gold is a natural treasure that has maintained its high value over so many years and will continue to maintain it. Gold itself is gotten through mining and so its availability and accessibility is limited, which adds to the high value it carries. People that own gold are well respected and regarded as high profile people ever since old times. Now that we are in the era of technological development, you can easily buy gold online asides from buying from physical merchants and you can now invest in Gold Stock in addition to physically holding your gold. All of these options are available for you so all youhave to do is weigh your various options, check out the risks and benefits involved, and then go for the options that best suits you. Be sure to follow the safety tips discussed above when buying your gold.


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