The Ultimate Guide to the Top Cash Back Apps for 2021

    Cash back and reward apps are the new things in town. They play a significant role in automating your everyday finances and catapulting you to wealth. Through purchase points, rebates, or discounts, cash back apps save you a lot of money. You must note that cash back apps do not actually guarantee you big money. So, do not expect to be rich by using the cash apps. However, they are a great way of shopping because they save you a lot of money. They also help to nurture the saving mentality.

    Ready to learn more about some of the best cash back apps? Let us start by understanding the meaning of a cash back app.

    What are Cash Apps?

    A cash back app is a shopping application that gives you a rebate upon purchasing. You can use the rebate to make future purchases at a discounted price. Cash back apps also provide coupons for additional discounts. Moreover, some cash apps will give out purchase points that can be redeemed as a price and used to make a purchase.

    How Do Cash Apps Work?

    Cash back apps give users or clients a golden opportunity to earn a cash back on specific purchase prices which users make through their websites, mobile, or desktop applications.

    Users typically use the cash apps to look for prevailing offers, browse through sales deals and products at discount prices. eCommerce stores will then remit a specified commission to the cash app for sending customers to their apps or websites. Upon making a purchase, the commission paid by the eCommerce store is divided between the customer and the cash app. It is as simple as that.

    Why Do You Need a Cash Back App?

    Discounts and customer rewards are not new things. However, technology is revolutionizing how they work. Today, shoppers are always on the lookout for great deals. It is a wake-up call for merchants who wish to succeed to include discounts and other kinds of customer rewards. Doing so lures customers to purchase from them.

    Technology has gone ahead and transitioned how such deals operate with cash back and reward applications. Shopping has become more of a fun and adventurous journey. Shopping is now an interactive activity with points, missions to be accomplished, steps, rewards, all of which you can enjoy by reaping the benefits.

    Cash back and reward app users need to understand how they can easily capitalize on the cash back and reward applications. They should understand what they ought to pay attention to, some of the deals worth their time, and how to weed out the rewards.

    The Best Cash Back App You Should Consider Going For

    There are several cash back and reward apps that you can choose to work with.

    1.      Rakuten

    Rakuten, formerly referred to as Ebates, is arguably one of the best cash back apps for online shopping. Rakuten partners with over 2500 eCommerce stores to give global shoppers a wide range of rewards and picks.

    All you need to earn rewards is to create a Rakuten account. Creating an account with Rakuten is free and a fast procedure that will take you less than five minutes. Upon creating an account, you can earn cash rewards in three ways.

    • You can visit to head to their website and search for your favorite store. You will automatically get cash rewards when you shop from the store.
    • Secondly, you can download the Rakuten cash back extension for your browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The extension is significant because it will notify you when you shop from any of Rakuten’s partners. I have found this to be an ideal method since I do not have to alter my shopping habits at all.
    • Thirdly, you can download Rakuten’s application for your mobile phone. The application is compatible with both the IOS and Android operating systems. The option is ideal for those who tend to use mobile phones more than desktops when shopping.

    Upon earning money with Rakuten, your Rakuten account will be credited with a cashback. The payments are usually remitted every month on your PayPal account or in Check form.

    To clarify, we are not talking about tiny percentages of cash backs. Rakuten has heavy offers of over 10% to even 30%.

    2.      Ibotta

    If you are a frequent grocery shopper, then you must consider adding Ibotta to your pocket. All you need to start claiming your cash backs is to download the Ibotta app. Ibotta has partnered with several major grocery shops and chains such as Publix, Sam’s Club, Kroger, CVS, and Walmart. With Ibotta, you have to search the app for the available offers which might please you. You will then have to upload an image of your receipt after the purchase. Ibotta is also more than a grocery cash app because users can earn cash from other online stores.

    3.      Capital One Shopping

    Capital one shopping is another perfect cashback app that has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. It is a go-to-savings app that saves users a lot of money when shopping online. All you need to get started is to download and install the app at no cost.

    The following are the various ways in which Capital one will save you money:

    • The app will alert users about the low prices of an item.
    • The app will apply coupon codes during checkout. A coupon code that worked for a user will also be tried out for other users.
    • You earn credits by purchasing from popular brands. You can use the credits to purchase gift cards.

    One of the most popular features of capital one shopping is using universal barcode scanners and scouring the internet for cheaper options.

    4.      Fetch Rewards

    Well, at one point, you will always want to shop for groceries. It is an essential task, and with the time-consuming nature of coupon mining, most shoppers might choose to overlook coupons and rewards. However, Fetch Rewards makes things easier for you since all you need to do is scan through your store receipts to receive a cash back on all purchases you make. It is one of the few cash back apps that are giving Ibotta a run for its money.

    5.      Drop

    If you are looking for automatic rewards whenever you shop online, travel, or order food, then Drop is the right cash back app for you. Like many other best cash back apps, Drop is free.

    There are two ways in which you can earn points with this cash back app. The primary method to earn points is to use the Drop app when shopping online. The second method is to link your card to your Drop account so you can earn money when shopping from select retailers. Drop app points are redeemable for gift cards from Amazon, Netflix, and Walmart.

    6.      ShopKick

    Shop kick is another great cashback app that rewards members for purchasing from their partner retailers, either online or in-store. According to a statement from ShopKick, an average user gets up to $10 gift within one week.

    Apart from shopping, you can also get points by simply walking into select stores, scan through barcodes, or watching online videos. In short, you can earn points without spending a dime.

    7.      Checkout 51

    Checkout 51 is an excellent cash back app that will help you save on gas and groceries. It is also a free cash back app. Although some of the offers on checkout 51 are on specific retailers, they also have product-specific options. So it does not matter where you shop.

    You have to be on the lookout for their offers which come up on Thursdays and expire on Wednesdays. It means that their offers have a six-day lifespan, and the earlier you check-in, the better. You should shop for items using the active offers and then upload the receipts. I recommend that you upload the receipts immediately after shopping, so you do not miss out on offers.

    Once your earnings hit 20 dollars, you can cash out.

    8.      Honey

    Honey is another great cash back app whose functionality resembles that of Capital One Shopping. It saves users time by automatically searching for coupon codes on more than 30,000 eCommerce stores. All you need to do to start using Honey is to sign up for free and install their desktop application on your computer. Upon shopping, Honey will scan through to find the best coupons codes and apply them to your cart. So you can never miss out on a deal.


    There you go. You now clearly understand what cashback apps are, how they work, and some of the best cashback apps you can choose the work with. I hope you download some of them and use them to earn points and cash backs.


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