Stock Market Simulator. All You Need to Know About Stock Market Simulator

    Ever play a stock market game? Now you can do it in your browser! Play the Stock Market Simulator and learn about stocks, bonds, forex trading, futures contracts, options, commodities, ETFs, mutual funds, etc. You will be able to trade on real-time data from Yahoo Finance or Google Finance. The simulation is based on historical prices for all major US indices. It also includes an interactive chart that allows you to see how the price of each index has changed over time.

    Characteristics of the Best Stock Simulator

    • Realistic simulations with live quotes

    • Interactive charts showing changes in the value of different indexes

    • Historical data available for most popular markets

    • Trading tools such as Stop Losses, Order Placement, Margin Accounts, Futures Contracts, Options, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Commodities, Index Fund Investing, etc.

    How to Use This App:

    1. Click the "Start" button at the top right corner to start playing.

    2. Select one of the following types of trades by clicking the corresponding buttons.

    3. Enter the desired amount into the box next to the selected type of trade.

    4. Press the "Buy/Sell" button when ready.

    5. Watch the screen for updates. When done, press "Exit".

    6. If you want to exit without closing the app, click the "Close" button instead of pressing "Exit".

    7. After exiting, you may close the window if not already open.

    8. Your account balance should reflect the change made during this session.

    Best Stock Market Simulators

    The best stock simulators are those which allow users to simulate their own investment portfolios. They provide realistic simulations of various financial instruments including stocks, bonds, currencies, futures contracts, exchange-traded funds, options, commodities, mutual funds, etc., using historical data. Some even include simulated portfolio management features like stop-loss orders, margin accounts, futures contracts, options, and more. These apps offer a great way to practice investing before actually putting money down. Below are some of the best free stock market simulators we have found online.

    Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade

    This is probably the best stock simulator out there. Users get access to historical data going back several years. There's no charge to use this app either. Just sign up for a TD Ameritrade brokerage account and download the app onto your phone or tablet. Then log in and begin practicing your investments.

    Features Include:

    • Real-Time Data - Live quotes for all major U.S. Indices

    • Historical Prices - All Major U.S. Indicators since 1871

    • Interactive Chart - See How Each Index Has Changed Over Time

    • Trading Tools - Orders, Stop Loss, Margins, Futures Contract, Options, Mutual Funds & More...

    • Portfolio Management Features - Portfolios, Account Balances, Trade History, Performance Reports, Risk Analysis, Tax Reporting, Brokerage Fees, Etc.

    • Free Trial Available - No Credit Card Required

    Stock Trader Pro by Fidelity Investments

     If you're looking for something similar but better than the above-mentioned app, then check out Stock Trader Pro by Fidelity. It offers many of the same features as the other two apps listed here plus much more. For example, it provides detailed performance reports, tax reporting, risk analysis, and more. Plus, unlike the others, it doesn't require any credit card information. So why pay $9.99 per month just so you can try it out?

    You'll be glad you did!

    • Live Historical Quotes - Real-time prices on all major US indices

    • Charting Tool - Interactive chart with real-time price changes over time

    • Trade Simulator - Place buy and sell orders directly from the charts

    • Margin Calculator - Calculate how much cash you need to invest based on current rates

    • Tax Report Generator - Generates IRS Form 1040 Schedule D

    • Report

    • Accounts Balance Tracker - Track your total assets and liabilities

    • Performance Charts - View daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual returns

    • Risk Analyzer - Assess potential losses due to volatility, correlation, beta, leverage, liquidity, sector exposure, etc.

    • Mutual Fund Manager - Manages multiple fund accounts at once

    • Futures Contracts - Buy/sell futures contracts such as S&P 500 index futures

    • Options - Buy/sell call/

    • put options on individual securities

    • Exchange-Traded Funds - Invest in ETFs that track specific indexes

    • Commodities - Invest in physical commodity markets

    Market Watch by Yahoo Finance

    Market Watch allows investors to create an unlimited number of virtual portfolios. This means they don't have to worry about running out of space when adding new holdings. The user interface isn't very intuitive though. But if you want to learn what each button does, go ahead and click them one by one until you figure things out. Once you do, you will see the benefits of having a well-designed UI.

    Market Watch has three main sections:

    • Home Page

    Here you can view live quotes, news headlines, economic indicators, graphs, and more.

    • Investor Center

    The Investor center gives users access to their portfolio history, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, commodities, exchange-traded funds, and more. Here you can also set alerts for important events like earnings announcements, dividend payments, and more.

    • My Profile

    Your profile page contains personal details including your name, address, email, social security number, date of birth, occupation, income level, investment goals, and more.

     iMoney Advisor by Bankrate

     iMoney Advisor is another free stock trading software program offered by Like most programs, this one requires no registration or sign-up process. Just open the application and start making trades right away. There are several reasons I recommend using this particular program instead of some of the ones already discussed. First off, there's nothing wrong with its design. In fact, it looks pretty good. Second, it comes loaded with lots of useful tools. Third, it works great even without an internet connection. And finally, it's easy enough to use that anyone could get started within minutes. 

    Let me explain...

    First thing first, let's talk about the look & feel of the program itself. When you launch it, you immediately notice that it's clean and simple. Everything is laid out logically which makes navigation easier. Also, everything is clearly labeled which helps make sense of the various functions available. For example, clicking "Portfolio" takes you directly to where you manage all your investments. Clicking "Trading Tools" brings up a list of helpful features like stop-loss orders, margin requirements, and much more. If you're not sure how something works, just hover over it and a tooltip appears explaining exactly what it does. It's really quite impressive.

    Now let's move onto the functionality side of things. As mentioned earlier, iMoney Advisor includes many powerful tools. Some examples include:

    • Portfolio Management – You can easily track performance on any holding at any time. Simply select the asset from the drop-down menu and then enter the price into the box below. Then press calculate to generate a graph showing historical returns.

    • Alerts – Set up multiple alert types so you'll be notified as soon as certain conditions occur. These include Earnings Announcements, Dividend Payouts, Stock Splits, Mergers/Acquisitions, etc.

    • Margin Requirements – Calculate the amount of money required to buy additional shares in order to increase exposure to a specific company.

    • Stop-Loss Orders – Place limits on how far prices may fall before triggering a sell order.

    • Technical Analysis – Analyze charts and technical patterns to determine whether a current trend is likely to continue or reverse.

    • Exchange-Traded Funds - Find ETFs based on criteria such as industry sector, style, size, and other factors. Stock Screener – Filter stocks by ticker symbol, exchange-traded fund, volume, average daily volume, and others.

    • Market Watch – View real-time quotes for major indices and individual securities.

    • Watchlist Manager – Add companies to watchlists based on specified criteria.

    The best part is all these tools work together seamlessly.

    Bottom Line

    Stock market simulator applications have been around since the early days of online investing but they've never gotten very popular. That's because they require users to register an account and pay monthly fees. However, if you don't want to do either of those two things, you should definitely check out iMoney Advisor. Not only will it help you learn how to trade stocks successfully, but it also has tons of cool tools built-in. So why wait? Download today!


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