Yieldstreet Review 2021. Is it Right for You? And How Does it Compare?

    What is yieldstreet

    Yieldstreet is a platform that allows you to create and manage your own investment portfolio. You can choose from over 100 different investments, each with its own unique risk profile and return potential. The site also offers an online trading service where you can buy or sell shares in the companies on offer.

    The website has been designed for investors who want to take control of their financial future by creating their own personalized investment strategy. It's easy to use and gives users access to all the tools they need to build up their wealth.

    Yield Street is a fully regulated online broker offering access to some of the most popular investment markets across Europe. It has been awarded ‘Best Broker UK 2013’ and ‘Best Investment Platform 2014’ at the Wealth Management Awards.


    Yieldstreet was founded in 2009 by two former hedge fund managers.

    They wanted to give people more choice when it came to investing so created this innovative new way to invest. They believe that everyone should be able to enjoy financial freedom without having to sacrifice lifestyle choices.

    The company offers its clients a wide range of services including:

    • An intuitive user interface which makes navigating the site easily;

    • A unique real-time price ticker allowing users to keep up to speed with current market movements;

    • 24-hour customer support available 7 days per week

    • Free educational resources covering topics from basic finance to technical analysis;

    • Access to one of the largest selection of stocks on the web

    • Full compliance with all relevant regulations

    • No minimum deposit required

    • Low fees – 0% commission on equity investments and 1.5% on fixed income products;

    • Instant execution of transactions

    • Account opening takes just minutes!


    The main features are:

    Create your own custom portfolio

    Here you choose which stocks you would like to invest in - there are currently more than 100 available!

    You can add as many individual securities as you wish, but it's recommended only to include no more than 5 per sector

    Once you have created your portfolio, you will be able to view its performance at any time using our live charting tool. This shows how much money you've made so far and what your expected returns may be.

    Manage your portfolio

    you can view details about every single security within your portfolio including; company name, ticker symbol, current price, market capitalization, the volume traded, dividend history, earnings forecast, analyst recommendations, and news coverage.

    There are two ways to trade on this site:

    1) Buy & Sell Shares - here you can purchase shares directly through the website. Once purchased, these shares become part of your portfolio. To make changes to your holdings, simply click on the 'Buy' button next to the stock you'd like to change. If you're selling, just select the share, then press the 'Sell' button. Your order will appear immediately below the table showing your entire portfolio.

    2) Online Trading Service - if you don't feel comfortable buying/selling shares yourself, we provide an OTS service where you can place orders via telephone or email. We'll execute your trades when prices move into favorable positions. There’s no fee involved, however, please note that due to regulatory reasons, we cannot accept US customers.

    Trade your portfolio

    Buy and sell individual securities using our automated stock market simulator. Simply enter the amount you'd like to spend, set the number of days until expiration and let the system do the rest. When you receive notification that your transaction was successful, you will see your profit reflected instantly in your account balance.

    If you prefer not to use the simulator, you can still manually place orders. Just follow the same process above, except instead of entering amounts, and enter the desired quantity and expiry date.

    Analyze performance

    Use historical data to analyze how well your portfolio performed against other similar portfolios. Our analysis engine provides detailed information such as average annual growth rate, volatility, Sharpe ratio, beta coefficient, and correlation between sectors. All results are presented graphically and compared to the overall market.

    This feature enables you to identify underperformers and outperformers among your peers. By comparing your portfolio to others, you can quickly spot opportunities to improve your returns.

    Share your results

    Compare yourself to others around the world and see what strategies have worked best for them. You can also compare your own trading strategy with those used by professional traders. The platform allows you to save your favorite strategies and track their performance over time.

    Benefits include

    Benefits of yieldstreet

    1) Easy to Use

    2) Real-Time Price Ticker

    3) Interactive Charts & Graphs

    4) Educational Resources

    5) Large Selection of Stocks

    6) Zero Commission on Equity Investments

    7) One-Stop Stock Trading Solution

    8) Compliant With Regulators

    9) Fast Execution Times

    10) Great Customer Support

    11) Best Brokers in the United Kingdom

    12) High-Performance Portfolio Manager

    13) Excellent Security Features

    14) Safe and Secure Environment

    15) Wide Range of Products Available

    16) Flexible Deposit Options

    17) Competitive Fees

    18) Online Banking Facility

    19) Mobile App for Android & iOS Devices

    20) Multi-Currency Accounts

    21) Multiple Languages Supported


    1) Not recommended to beginners

    2) Limited Number of countries

    3) Minimum balance required

    Yieldstreet is best for

    • Investors who want an alternative to traditional stockbroking or bank accounts

    • Those looking for low-cost options to trade equities

    • People are interested in learning about different types of investments.

    • Individuals seeking advice on personal finances

    • Anyone wanting to learn about the latest trends in global economics

    Ways to invest with Yieldstreet

    You can choose between three main ways to invest your funds with Yieldstreet:

    • Equity Investing - Buying shares in companies. You can buy individual shares, share trusts, or exchange-traded funds. These are known as direct investments because they involve buying directly into a company.

    • Fixed Income Investing - Bonds issued by governments, corporations, or individuals. Fixed interest rates make them attractive over time. The most common type of bond is called a government bond. There are also corporate bonds and mortgage-backed securities.

    • Cash Management - Keeping cash at home rather than using banks. It's often used as part of a diversified investment portfolio.

    How do I open an account with YieldStreet?

    To start trading with YieldStreet simply visit their website www.yieldstreet.com/register. Once there click ‘Open An Account’ then follow the instructions. If you have already registered with another broker please login first so that we can link your existing account details to this new one.

    What does my initial balance consist of?

    Your initial balance consists of 100 units. Each unit represents 10p worth of capital which has been deposited into your account. Your total available balance is shown below the 'Deposit' box when logged onto your online account.

    Can I deposit more than £100 per day?

    No, each transaction must be less than £100. However, you can transfer larger amounts from other brokers such as Interactive Investor.

    Is there anything else I need to know?

    There are some important things to consider before opening an account with Yield Street. Firstly, you should ensure that you meet all requirements under MiFID II. Secondly, you should check whether you qualify for free trades. Thirdly, you should understand how margin lending works. Finally, you should read our terms and conditions carefully.

    Is yieldstreet recommendable?

    Yes, if you are willing to put in the effort needed to get started. This may mean reading through lots of information before making any decisions but once set up, it will provide great value for money.

    Final Verdict

    The website is very simple and easy to use, with no complicated jargon involved. It's also completely free for all users. However, there are some concerns about whether this site can actually deliver what they promise. In order to find out more information, we decided to do our own independent research into the company. We wanted to know if their promises were legitimate and how much money you could potentially make from investing through them. Read through the article to understand.


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