Best Investment Apps: Investment Apps for Guaranteed Returns

    Gone are the days where investing was a daunting task. No longer do you need to consult a financial advisor on the phone. Thanks, to the fully-functional investment apps, you can literally invest on any stock you want.

    Besides, they afford you many investment options such as crypto and ETFs. In this article, we will look at the best apps to use in 2021. But first, let’s see what you need to consider before settling for one.

    What you need to consider when choosing an investment app

    1. User-friendliness

    Navigation through the app should be straightforward. Also, look at the user interface. You should avoid apps that have an outdated user interface because chances are, they do not perform periodic upgrades.

    2. Security

    You don’t want an app where anybody with your phone can access your assets. Ideally, an app should prompt you to enter a password every time you want to access your assets. Better yet, it should have a 2-factor authentication process.

    3. Investment options

    Is the app limited to a certain investment option? Or does it enable you to invest in Bitcoin, forex, and stock exchange? You should go for an app that allows you to invest in different options.

    4. Features

    This is one aspect that most traders overlook, but, you shouldn’t. some premium apps come with educational materials and newsfeed. As such, not only will you get better at trading but also stay abreast of events in the financial world.

    5. Charges

    As expected, an investment app has to make profits, and as such, it has to charge a fee. You should therefore consider charges before settling for an app. Most apps will have a $1 monthly charge and a commission for every transaction made.

    6. Legality

    Well, there are hundreds of fake investment apps in the market. you should research on each app. For example, you can visit their website and read reviews from other users.

    Best investment apps for 2021

    1. Acrons

    Acrons is one of the most popular investment apps in the market. its longevity in the investment sphere also bolsters its credibility and trustworthiness. It is also easy to use when investing and does not have a stringent login process. Once you link your debit or credit card to your account, the app will automatically invest in the most suitable ETF portfolios.

    Acrons does not have hefty charge since you’ll part with only $1 per month. However, if you want advanced features, you can opt for the Acrons Personal which will cost you $3 per month. With this package you can open an SEP, Roth IRA, or a traditional retirement account. The minimum balanced is capped at $0.

    2. Wealthbase

    This investment app is beginner friendly compared to Acrons. It is a new entrant that is gradually growing in popularity, thanks to its ease-of-use. Besides, it makes investing fun thanks to the integrated games. What’s more, you can setup games that can run for a day, week, month, or year. It depends on your preference. 

    Unlike most apps, Wealthbase packages itself like a social media platform. In that, you can chat with your friends and see which stocks they are trading. Also, it displays daily winners giving you that fuel to trade better. You can access it via Android or iOS devices.

    3. Stockpile

    What started as a gift to the founder’s nephews and nieces turned out to be one of the most loved investment apps. The app allows you to invest in ETFs and stocks from blue-chip companies. You can deposit money or use gift cards. The app also introduces kids to investing in stocks and ETFs.

    While a fun app to use, it comes with relatively high charges. For example, you’ll pay $0.99 for registration and $2.99 for gift cards. Buying a gift card using your debit or credit card is more expensive. If you don’t want to go into the nitty gritty of a company’s balance sheets and performance, this is the app for you.

    4. TradeStation Technologies

    Monex Group Inc. owns TradeStation group, the company that operates TradeStation. Monex Group Inc. is one of the largest Japanese investment companies. Besides Tradestation, the company also owns Coincheck, which is one of the largest cryptocurrency company in the Japanese market.

    since acquiring the investment app in 2011, it has gone on to support multiple assets. You can trade in ETFs, Stocks, mutual funds, crypto, and others. You can use it on iOS or Android devices. The app has also won awards for being one of the best trading app.

    5. Betterment

    If you want a robo-advisor, Betterment got you covered. It is one of the largest and most popular in the roboadvisor sphere. With a team of professional analysts, portfolios are well-managed ensuring your investment does not bleed losses. Your risk tolerance is what determines which ETFs the robo-advisors will invest in.

    If you are into sustainability, Betterment has portfolios that focus on social good such as global warming and equality. The chief benefit of using Betterment is that the app does the legwork for you. It also charges less compared to traditional investment advisor. For example, for every $10, 000 you invest, you’ll pay $25 per year. 

    6. Webull

    Initially, Webull allowed investors to trade for free. While it charges for every trade, it has one of the lowest investment fees in the market. however, does not charge a commission on ETFs and options. And for crypto traders, you’ll enjoy no-fee trades. Here, you can trade Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many more. crypto trading is 24hrs while other trades enjoy extended trading time.

    The broker also enables you to open IRA or taxable accounts, which is unlike other apps on this list. While you can use it on your Android or iOS devices, you can also use the desktop option. The minimum required balance is $0.

    7. SoFi

    This is yet another stellar investment app that not only allows you to trade, but also improve your trading skills. It offers educational material on career, finances, budgeting, and loan repayment, among others. It is owned by an American finance company, Sofi Technologies. The company offers a wide range of financial products such as banking.

    Founded in 2011, the app has gone on to attract a large following thanks to its large investment options and ease of use. Some of the assets you can invest in include cryptocurrency, IPO stocks, ETFs, and fractional shares. The best part, its unmatched automation makes it an ideal app for beginners. 

    8. Robinhood

    If you want to trade with minimal hiccups, Robinhood is the ideal choice for you. This app has an intuitive user interface and does not charge commissions like other peer apps. The best part, you can trade cryptocurrency, options, and ETFS for free. While offering a smooth trading experience, the app does not guide on what to trade on.

    As such, it is ideal for intermediate and advanced traders. All investment options can be found from the navigation bar; no skimming through pages. Robinhood also ensures you stay abreast on financial news through its newsfeed feature. The minimum balance is capped at $0.

    9. Clink

    Have some extra bucks to splash around? Clink is the perfect app for you. Once you link your bank account to the app, you can set a schedule when money will be transferred to your Clink account. Clink has $0 minimum balance and does not charge a dime for its services. Unlike other apps on this list, it offers you one investment option; ETFs.

    10. Wealthfront

    This app is similar to Betterment as it features robo-advisors. It does not invest in actively managed portfolios, rather it focuses on passive portfolios. It also has a small management fee of up to 0.25%. The app also requires a minimum balance of $500.

    That said, it does not support tax-loss harvesting for day investors. Wealthfront does not deal in fractional shares and as such, it is recommended for people who want to make their feet wet in investing.

    11. Invstr

    This app offers the user a wholesome experience. In that, you trade, learn, and make a difference in a community. It is primarily based on games making it in ideal for beginners. The game presents you a virtual portfolio of $200 billion and insights from other investors.

    12. Vanguard

    This is one of the oldest investment apps on the market. also, it has some of the lowest trading cost compared to other apps on this list. However, the app comes with a complex user interface that might confuse beginners. As expected, it does not charge commissions for trades made.

    Final verdict

    As you can see, there are many investment apps to choose from. In fact, this is not an exhaustive list. If you want to trade seamlessly, choose an app that is compatible with your trading expertise. For example, if you are a beginner, go for an app that has educational material and offers guidance on what to buy.


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