11 Apps that will Make You Money

    Do you want to make money quick? Maybe at the comfort of your couch or bed? Well, we have the answer for you. There are hundreds of apps that let you earn money at home, office, or when commuting. Most are free to join and offer a wide array of money-making options. Here are a few you can opt for.


    Robinhood is among the few money-making apps that allow you to trade with a minimum of $0. With Robinhood, you buy partial shares from any company. That is, if you want to buy Facebook shares, you can do so even if you have $30.

    Creating an account with Robinhood is free and you get a free share of any stock you desire. You can also invest in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum Classic, and more. The app also boasts of state-of-the -art security ensuring your assets are far from cybercriminals.

    The app is also easy to use thanks to the streamlined user interface. For signing up, you only need to provide your basic information and you are set to go. From there, you can easily navigate from page to page as you look for the most appropriate money-making option.


    Upwork is one of the leading freelance sites. it allows freelancers from across the globe by selling their skills. The app primarily connects freelancers to clients. The best part, you manage all your projects in one place. You can get work worth thousands of dollars. In fact, some clients can employ you on a contract basis of up to three years.

    Creating you profile is easy and so is applying for gigs. When registering, you only need to provide your basic information and a payment method. Along the way, they might ask for documents to verify your identity. This is a plus since nobody can impersonate you.

    Upwork also aggregates gigs according to experience. If you are new to the platform, entry level gigs are the most ideal. This is to ensure you get a good review from the client. This significantly improves your Job Success Score. A higher Job Success Score will make you more attractive to clients.


    Fiverr is yet another freelance site that you can make money. With over 200 job categories, it caters for most skills in the job market. whether you are a designer, data analyst, copywriter, or translator, Fiverr got you covered. Unlike Upwork where you apply for gigs, Fiverr lets you create gigs then sell them to potential clients.

    You include details of the gigs plus the pricing. Once you a client buys your gig, you work on the project and after completion, you get paid. As you move up the levels, it allows you to create more “extras”. Fiverr pays through PayPal, direct bank transfer, or their crediting a Fiverr Revenue Card.

    The major benefit about Fiverr is you don’t need to keep applying for jobs since clients come looking for you. Also, it gives you the liberty to charge any amount unlike apps such as Upwork.


    If you want an app that is generous on cashbacks, Rakuten is the perfect choice for you. It rewards new sign-ups and referral incentives. The app rewards you for the money spent or for the people you refer to their store. Upon registration, you can check for cashback offers in many retail shops.

    Top on the list include Target, Kohl’s, and Best Buy. You can get you cashback either buying online or in any of the supported stores. Just click on the retailer and place an order. Keep in mind that cashbacks vary depending on the store, category, and brand. You can get anywhere between 1% and 40%.

    As a new user, you can get a cashback of $10 when you spend at least $25. If you introduce a user and they spend $20, you are eligible for a $20 cashback. Cashbacks are paid every three months once you reach a threshold of $5.


    This is one of the fastest ways to earn as a car owner. It has two primary ways of earning: accepting new gigs and immediate payouts. To earn with Uber, you have to meet their minimum requirements such as:

    • Having a four-passenger vehicle.
    • Meet local driving requirements.
    • Driven for more than a year.
    • Passed the driver screening process.
    • Having the necessary documents such as insurance, car registration, and others.

    The best part, you can choose between driving a passenger or delivering food through the Uber Eats program. Earning vary depending on the rides accepted and the food orders fulfilled. You can only cash out five times daily.

    You are responsible for servicing your car. Uber also deducts a service fee from your monthly earnings. You can get the app on Google Play store or Apps store.


    Like Rakuten, the app offers cashbacks to its users. Not only do you qualify after shopping but also after watching videos, playing games, and taking polls, among others. You can get your reward in cash wired to your PayPal account or through a gift card. As expected, rewards vary according to the tasks awarded.

    One benefit of using Swagbucks is that you get your money instantly. Once you hit the required withdrawal amount, you can withdraw instantly. The amount should reflect in your account after 10 days (excluding weekends). Keep in mind that you’ll have to take many tasks since payments are relatively low.


    TaskRabbit is yet another app you can make money with. If you have time to spare, you can get tasks of different kinds. They include cleaning, errands, landscaping, and more. in short, there tons of jobs to choose from. You can get the iOS and Android versions of the app so you can start earning immediately you sign up.

    Here, you’ll find jobs listed and you can choose the one that best fits your skills. Keep in mind that tasks are priced differently. Landscaping might pay you more than cleaning or running random errands. You can use it to find local gigs or find long term clients that you can work with for years.


    You can sell anything on Mercari. Whether you have used clothes or worn out tires, you won’t lack a buyer on this site. Mercari urges buyers and sellers to come to an agreement meaning that most of the products you will post will find a buyer. Its charges include a 10% commission for every sale and a processing fee of $2 for goods worth $10 and below,

    Besides, if your bank does not accept your deposit, you’ll have to part with $2. The platform primarily encourages buyers and sellers to rate each other. It is for this reason that payments are released once both parties rate each other.


    If you are into photography and you want to sell your photos, Foap is one of the platforms to visit. You can get the app in Android or iOS version. Besides selling pictures, you can sell videos too. The best part, you can sell them to individuals, agencies, and companies. And if lucky, you might get long term contracts to take pictures or shoot videos for certain companies.

    Another feature that sets it apart is you can earn up to 50% commission on images or videos sold. Also, there’s no registration fee. Just create an account and you are good to go. Keep in mind that competition is rife on the platform.


    iPoll initially launched as Survey Head in 2008. After acquisition by Survey Sampling International, it changed its name to iPoll. The app is available for Android and iOS users serving users in more than 30 countries. The company seeks for users to answer surveys on products or services they have used.

    It accepts anyone over the age of 17 and affords you a simple and straightforward registration process. There are other ways to make an earning besides taking surveys. This gives you much-needed flexibility. The average payment per survey is $1, however, the complexity of the survey affects the final price. You receive payment via PayPal, Amazon gift card, or iTunes gift card.


    Earny works like most cashback apps in the market. All you have to do is connect your Amazon account and you’ll start earning money from any purchase you make. The app will connect you to available retailers through whom you can earn your cashback. You also get cashback should you book hotels through the app. You can get it in Android and iOS versions

    Final thoughts

    This is not an exhaustive list since there are hundreds of apps through which you can earn money. As you can see, you can earn money from practically anything. From running errands, taking surveys, to creating websites. Just pick an app that provides gigs suited for your skills.


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