Details of Ant Stock: What Ant Group Company is All About, How to Buy the Ant Stock, and Where to Buy it

    Have you heard about the Ant Stock before? Do you know what Ant Group is? A good way of saving and at the same time earning for a lot of people is investing in high profitable stocks but one very common challenge that many investors have is deciding on which stock to invest in and even how to go about investing in their desired stock or what platforms to use while investing in stocks. In this article, we shall be bringing to you the details of Ant Stock and to safely invest in the stock- we shall also talk about what brokerage platforms are the best to buy from.

    1. About Ant Stock

    Ant Stock is an asset of Ant Group Company. Ant Group is a Chinese Fintech Giant and is formerly known as Ant Financial. The Ant Group operates the world’s largest digital payments platform- Alipay, and it is one of the top-rated financial companies all over the world. Ant Group was created in 2014 to take charge of Alipay and it is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group. Alipay is an online payment platform that has more than 711 million users and they generate a huge amount of revenue per year. As of the end of their 12 months transactions in 2020, their total generated revenue was $17trillion.The company’s goal is to allow its customers and small scale business owners access to financial services through the use of technology. Ant Group offers lots of financial services to its customers and it is a trustworthy company. Due to the massive customer demand that the company has, they developed a complete online wallet that features so many payment services while also partnering with cinema-theatre booking services, taxi-hailing services, and others. Some of the banks that Alipay has partnered with include the Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, and many other banks. It has also partnered with Visa.

    2. How To Buy Ant Stock

    Ant Stocks are easily available at many Chinese Exchanges and so people from that part of the world can easily buy the stock. If you are however a foreigner from the United States, here is a detailed explanation on how to buy Ant Stock:

    2.1 Get an International Brokerage Account

    To buy Ant Group shares, you have to open an International brokerage account as most of the brokerages in the United States only give access to US stock exchanges like the NASDAQ and the NYSE. So you need to open an international brokerage account because that is what you would be used to buy it. There are a few International brokers that you can open with like Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, Charles Schwab, and others.  Be sure to weigh in your options well and then chose the one that best suits your pocket in terms of commissions, potential taxes, and exchange rates.

    2.2 Get Alibaba Shares

    This is another straightforward method of buying the Ant stock. To easily buy the stock, buy the shares of its main company, which is Alibaba. Although this method means an indirect way of investing in Ant Stock, it would at least save you through the stress of needing to open an international brokerage account before you can invest. To buy Alibaba shares, search for BABA on the New York Stock Exchange.

    2.3 Get ETFs

    Another way of indirectly aiding the Ant Stock to your investment account is to buy Exchange-traded funds, commonly known as ETFs. These ETFs track the market and so you can immediately add ETFs that keeps Ant shares in their overall holdings to your portfolio. This will allow you indirect access to Ant Group’s stock. Here are some of the quality ETFs that have invested in Chinese Stocks:

    Renaissance Capital’s International IPO ETF

    KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF

    SPDR S&P China ETF

    iShares MSCI China ETF

    These ETFs can easily be gotten from various domestic brokerage accounts.

    2.4 APR

    Another option is to wait for the Company’s American Depositary Receipt (ADR) to get to the US markets. You can easily buy a stock or shares of Fintech once this happens. ADRs are simply certificates that serve as a representation of foreign stocks and they can be bought from a domestic brokerage account, just like ETFs. Ant Group’s ADR can arrive on three different levels. It can be level 1, level 2, or level 3. Only level 3 ADRs are allowed to get listed on major US markets, level 3 and 2 ADRs have to file an SEC report, and level 1 ADRs are quite risky to buy as they only trade on over-the-counter exchanges and they do not require filing an SEC report.

    3. Some Recommended Platforms to Buy ETFs from

    ETFs can be bought from various online platforms as long as it is listed on them.  It is very important to note here that this platform charges various fees and have certain distinct features from the others. It is very good that you compare and look into the feature of each platform to go for the one that best suits your taste. Various exchange platforms offer their customers discounted services from time to time too, so you should stay up to date with the exchange platform you are using. Some of the well-trusted exchange platforms to buy ETFs from are WeBull, Robinhood, J.P. Morgan, Moomoo, SoFi, Axos Bank, and others.

    4. What is an IPO and How Does It Work?

    Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a company’s issued first sale of stock. It is about when a particular business decides to initialize the sales of its shares to the public. At this point, the company decides the number of shares it wants to sell, and then an investment bank goes ahead to bring suggestions on an initial price to sell the stocks, which is usually based on the amount of estimated demand for them. Most companies initiate their IPO for a lot of reasons depending on their situation at that time. While some initiate it to raise ample capital for fund expansion, some initiate it to pay off their debts, some initiate it to monetize their assets, while some others initiate it to attract potentials. The investment banks are the ones charged with setting the IPO price, though the company is the one that decides what number of shares it would put in the public market, the investment bank goes ahead to evaluate the business and then set the IPO price based on the estimated demand.

    Talking about how the IPO process works, the whole process starts immediately a company decides to sell its shares to the public through a stock exchange. The first thing that is done is the audit, which involves reviewing every aspect of the financials of the company. If after the audit, everything seems to be in place, the next thing is for the business to prepare a registration statement to identify with the necessary exchange commission like SEC. after this is done, the Stock Exchange Commission thoroughly reviews the application to see if it would be accepted or not. If it is accepted, or either amended, it is then approved. Once it is approved, the company goes on to list a stipulated amount of shares that would be readily available for sale via the particular exchange platform.

    Initiating IPO has a lot of benefits for companies. Apart from the fact that this gives the company a very tangible public image and it makes them well-known, it is also a way of raising a reasonable amount of capital and increasing profit. IPOs also make it easy to buy the company’s as they are public, rather than trying to buy them privately.

    The whole length of the IPO process varies and is not easily predictable. It depends on how it is managed and coordinated by the Company. The financial audit of the company is usually what takes the most time of the process as it involves gathering and arranging all the company’s documents particularly when they are not well ordered. After this, the business has to prepare a registration statement that allows them to list with an Exchange Platform and then this Exchange Agency reviews the application. This can either takethe time or be fast depending on how it goes. When everything goes well, usually an IPO takes about a year, but it sure can take a longer time.

    5. Conclusion

    The Ant Stock is an asset of the Ant Group Company which is in charge of Alipay. The Company is a well-trusted one and they have helped their customers and so many business owners achieve their goals and take care of their financial needs through digital means. The Ant Stock is from them and it is one of the stocks you can try considering the next time you are looking to invest in a stock. If you are from the United States and you would love to buy the Ant Stock, you can follow any of the various options discussed above.


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