Stocks under $5: 10 Cheap Stocks to Invest in 2021


    As a new investor in the stock market, it will be good if you start by investing in cheap stocks. From the cheap stocks, it will be easy for you to learn the basics and the risks in the stocks industry without risking a large amount.

    Although the stocks under $5 are not mostly considered by many pros in the stock investment field, they have a lot of markets as many young entrepreneurs are rising. Many of the upcoming entrepreneurs may not have enough funds to buy large stocks and thus tend to lean to the stocks under $5.

    The stocks below $5 can easily trade Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board Exchange that lists the daily bids and also ask the price for such stocks. They are always transacted over the counter as they are too small to be listed in the exchange-listings.


    10 Cheap Stocks to Invest in 2021 

    2) Endeavour Silver Corp

    3) Waitr Holdings Inc

    4) LightPath Technologies, Inc.

    5) Bio-Path holdings

    6) Identiv

    7) SunOpta

    8) Catalyst Pharmaceuticals

    9) Nokia

    10) LiveXLive Media


    10 Cheap Stocks to Invest in 2021

    1. Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc.

    2. Endeavour Silver Corp

    3. Waitr Holdings Inc

    4. LightPath Technologies, Inc.

    5. Bio-Path holdings

    6. Identiv

    7. SunOpta

    8. Catalyst Pharmaceuticals

    9. Nokia

    10. LiveXLive Media


    1) Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc.


    Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. is a CBD company that used to deal with major landing spots but has now shifted to cheap stocks so that their products can reach the consumers directly. In the last quarter, Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. sold over $15.6 million worth of goods that consumers accessed directly.

    Since Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. goods and services can be accessed by the consumers directly by consumers, its dividends are assured. The growth of Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. is also expected to grow tremendously.

    2) Endeavour Silver Corp

    This low-price stock is mainly lined to dealing with sliver-related businesses that have prices ranging between $20 and $30. Although it has set on such price, at some point, it also considers a silver-related low-cost investment of $5 or less.

    The silver market is always resilient, even when the monetary policies are trending. This assures you that its investment prices will always remain low and will not strain you at some point.

    3) Waitr Holdings Inc

    Waitr Holdings Inc mainly deals with food delivery. It has a promising growth in the shortest time possible as it grew by 16% over two days in a month. It always revises its earnings estimates regularly, thus making sure it is on the rise.

    For its remarkable growth, Waitr Holdings Inc has been ranked by zacks #2; this gives you the best stock under $5 that you can trust.

    As a Waitr Holdings Inc’s investor, you are assured of about $0.04 earnings per the share you invest in Waitr Holdings Inc. that indicates a 114% growth over a year. Waitr Holdings Inc assures you an upward momentum growth that makes it a strong cheap stock to trust.

    4) LightPath Technologies, Inc.

    LightPath Technologies, Inc. mostly deals with infrared lenses. It is hugely expected to grow in the market to about 65% of the market, with assets amounting to $750 Million.

    LightPath Technologies, Inc. is able to mold large-sized lenses that extend the use of molded lenses into imaging. This makes it a demanded low-priced stock over the years now.

    This cheap stock climbs the radar of growth annually by 5% with a sharp increase in their activities such as that of thermal analysis.

    5) Bio-Path holdings

    A bio-Path holding is yet another cheap stock you can trust. It was recently licensed and allowed as one of the therapeutic candidate, prexigebersen. This new license gives Bio-Path holdings wide legal protection to use prexigebersen that serves to treat cancerous effects when combined with front-line therapies.

    As it is involved in a number of such highly demanded services, Bio-Path holdings have a promising future and a guarantee for your dividend income and growth.

    6) Identiv

    Identiv mainly deals with the tech-related business that makes it a good deal if you are tech-oriented. The world is growing drastically towards a tech-related tech-related field, thus putting Identiv in the forefront as the most needed stock.

    It has developed software such as contact tracing software. The software serves to allows users to get real-time notifications of closed and open offices. It also develops a wearable Body Temperature Patch that checks individual temperatures at various public places like stadiums.

    With all these tech-related market, Identiv falls on the stocks that you can access over the counter with $5 or less.

    7) SunOpta

     SunOpta is the best cheap stock for you in case you are interested in the organic foods market. It recently underwent restructuring, and SunOpta now operates on three different broad categories; plant-based foods and beverages, global ingredients, and fruit-based foods and beverages.

    These listed categories gave SunOpta a remarkable growth, recording over 13%. This made it one of the most competing cheap stocks raising equity of $30 million, thus reducing its debt by $20 million.

    SunOpta combines its balance sheet with tailwinds in the organic food industry that qualify it to fall among the best cheap stocks you can invest in.

    8) Catalyst Pharmaceuticals


    Catalyst Pharmaceuticals deals with drugs and has run some of the most bought drugs in the industry. Since the success of a cheap stock is determined by the success of a new drug in the market, Catalyst Pharmaceuticals makes the best you can trust.

    Catalyst Pharmaceuticals is among the few pharmaceutical firms that own a successful drug in the market that treats Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic syndrome. This drug saw Catalyst Pharmaceuticals enjoy a 134% quarter-to-quarter revenue increase.

    Catalyst Pharmaceuticals has Firdapse that is currently on trial set to treat Muscle-specific kinase Myasthenia Gravis and spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 3 that if proves effective with expanding the market of Catalyst Pharmaceuticals that will see it gain more.

    Even with this wide market, Catalyst Pharmaceuticals still allows you as an investor to invest in it with investment as cheap as $5 or less.

    9) Nokia


    Nokia is yet another promising cheap stock you can trust. It has been in the market for a while now, although it went down at some point, with the roll-out of 5G networks, Nokia is expected to sprout.

    Nokia is expected to take advantage of the newly rolled out 5G network to bounce back into the market. The 5G infrastructure will see Nokia crawl back and assure you reasonable cash-flow. This gives you assurance as an investor to trust Nokia.

    10) LiveXLive Media


    LiveXLive Media mainly engages itself on live media like concerts, dances, and other entertainment avenues that require a crowd of attendants. It may have been hit by the pandemic but has a promising bounce-back with the invention of a vaccine and return of normalcy.

    LiveXLive Media simply digitizes concerts on their viewer's screens and has viewers pay per view during this pandemic period. Since everyone was in quarantine, LiveXLive Media grew its revenue by 15%. This is as a result of its subscribers growing by 25%.

    LiveXLive Media also is assured of a 336% year-over-year increase in its number of streamed events in hours that gave it a 179% increase in 2020. This makes it one of the cheap stocks that you should think of as an investor. With its promising growth in both online and live events, LiveXLive Media assures you high dividend turn-over even with your little invested amount.


    There is a surge of new and young retailers to the trading market that has been pushed by the pandemic and the economic challenges. Although the pandemic may go down, the young businesses are expected to remain in the market. For this reason, you can invest with such cheap stocks since they are accessible by the consumers directly that gives them good traffic to generate a lot of income. As an investor thus you are guaranteed a payback and at the same time learning on the terrain of the stocks market.


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