Top 5G Companies to Invest in! The Companies List:


    The technological advancements in various fields have seen tremendous growth of different sectors that are commonly applied in day to day life. Technology advancement has also been felt in the communication industry, and there have been different notable communication technology advancements.

    For instance, the wireless communication technology has been growing from 1G in the 1980s, 2G in 1990s, 3G in 2000s, 4G launched in 2009 and now the latest 5G launched in 2018. As the 5G, wireless communication technology is gaining a wide demand; it is offering a great number of ways you can invest through.

    If you area n investor is looking for the best bet to win a 5G stock, you are on the right place. There are a number of 5G stocks that you can consider among them being;


    5G Service Stocks

    1) Qualcomm (QCOM)

    2) Ericsson (ERIC)

    3) Nokia (NOK)

    4) Verizon Communications

    5) T-Mobile U.S.

    6) Analog Devices Company

    Investing in 5G Stocks


    5G Smartphone Stocks


    The 5G Smartphone Stocks are stocks that are related to the upgrades for Smartphone across the world. As the 5G network is gaining a wide communication application, there is a rising demand for smart gadgets that are 5G enabled. This tasks the Smartphone developers such as Apple and Samsung to develop many gadgets. The high demand will see a great sell-out that will assure you a great payback within a short time after buying such stocks.

    5G Service Stocks

    This stock is inclined to the mobile service providers that track over $414.5 billion. You can still trust the 5G service stocks as everyone is moving fast with technology and even the basic services will depend on internet access, thus increasing demand.

    As an investor, your eye is always focused on trending market stocks that you can invest in and have a promising return. However, the investment stocks cannot survive in the market without a stable and reliable holding company.

    Here are the best 5G companies that you can trust as an investor;

    1. Qualcomm

    2. Ericsson

    3. Nokia

    4. Verizon Communications

    5. T-Mobile US

    6. Analog Devices

    1) Qualcomm (QCOM)


    Qualcomm is a technological company with its headquarters in San Diego, California that mainly deals with chips and software development.  The chips and software produced by Qualcomm are mainly in high demand for wireless technologies. Apart from the chips and software, Qualcomm is also licensed to develop and commercialize a wide variety of wireless technologies like the 3G and 4G technology.

    Qualcomm assures you a payback of dividends because of its wide market and stock market influence. Recently, they signed an agreement with Apple to supply 5G chipsets for several years coming. Since 5G is promising to enhance more of its applicability beyond mobile phones, Qualcomm is expected to enhance its production wide and far.

    It is always profitable to invest with Qualcomm as it is a profitable technological company. Currently, it is holding a market cap of about $91 billion and has paid dividends to its investors consistently. Its strong balance sheet with lots of cash even on hard times is enough to give you an assurance of great dividends on your invested amount.

    Qualcomm holds a market value of over $128 billion with a dividend yield of 2.3%.

    2) Ericsson (ERIC)


    Ericsson, as a telecommunication equipment and service company, has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Ericsson Company offers software, infrastructure and services in information communication technologies. They hold about 27% market share on 2G/3G and 4G.

    Because of its prior experience in 2G/3G and 4G, it has heavily invested in the 5G revolution. Different telecom providers seek to upgrade their networks to accommodate the 5G technology, and the Ericsson Company is the only company that can solve this. They provide both hardware and technology services.

    Ericsson has signed numerous deals on different telecommunication that have widened its market sphere and thus high yield potential. Ericsson further has over 25 of its networks live in terms of 5G. Being the first company to lay 5G, it has a strong position claiming support from the five major continents.

    You can trust your investments with Ericsson Company as it enjoys a large market cap of $29 Billion and always pays its dividends without delay or failure. It holds a chance to take the lead in the 5G technological advancement.

    3) Nokia (NOK)

    For a while now, Nokia has been in the telecommunication market and is one of the renowned telecommunication companies that develop a wide variety of information technology equipment. Nokia currently controls over 65 5G contracts that are set to run for a while towards the future. It also has about 19 live networks.

    Currently, Nokia holds a market share of about 27% outside china, indicating its broad network of investments. It has also won many contracts in China and out of China.

    Nokia enjoys a market cap of about $ 24 billion, that allows it to pay a strong dividend to its investors. Nokia is a good 5G stock to buy, considering the above factors.

    4) Verizon Communications

    Verizon Communications is yet another top 5G company with its headquarters in New York, U.S. Verizon Communications contracted the Ericsson company to upgrade its core network, making them capable of handling 5G related technologies. Its wireless technologies are advancing thus has a promising future with high profits.

    Verizon Communications boasts of a large market share of 35% and a large market cap of $230 billion making it the largest wireless communication service provider in the U.S. it currently offers the highest dividend to its investors and holds a potential of growing its dividends exponentially through the 5G utility.

    5) T-Mobile U.S.

    The T-Mobile U.S. is a merger between the T-Mobile U.S. and Sprint. The T-Mobile U.S. and Sprint initial held the third and fourth position in the entire U.S. wireless technology market.

    The T-Mobile U.S. has already set a goal of connecting 5G network to over 99% of the American homes within six years. This shows its greatness in expanding its market in a fast way; the larger the market, the high the expected dividend payout to you as an investor.

    T-Mobile U.S. enjoys a market value of $141.2 billion. This value is enough to promise you high dividend yield when you choose to invest with T-Mobile U.S.

    6) Analog Devices Company

    This is an analogue-to-digital converter chips manufacture company that serves to assist the users of analogue devices in enjoying digital life without replacing their analogue devices. This makes it an important contributor in the 5G revolution.

    Users of the 4G station do not need to completely change their station to accommodate the 5G technologies as it may be far expensive. The 5G station requires eight times the 4G base station channels to operate, and Analog Devices Company comes in to develop such station.

    Since many consumers would require a need to upgrade their base stations, Analog Devices Company holds a possible future market that will see it serve the demand. Currently, it holds a market value of $42.4 billion with a dividend yield of 2.2%. This gives you an assurance of great returns for you as an investor.

    Investing in 5G Stocks

    5G still has a long way into the market, and it may prove hard to predict its winners and losers. For you, as an investor to get exposure to these, investment, it's always prudent to go through the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) or a shared basket. The ETFs provide you with a wide exposure to various 5G stocks allowing you to monitor their variation in the market.

    The ETFs not only gives you exposure to the world of 5G stocks but also allows you to get updates on the market demand shift. They will also allow you to invest in numerous 5G stocks, thus spreading the risk to favour you in case of fluctuation.


    The 5G is now the fifth generation of mobile networks. Its currently gaining market demand and is expected to take the lead in the near future. Due to greater demands on digital services, the 5G related companies have emerged and given stocks that you can invest in. It holds a promising future growth that makes it the best to invest in.


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