Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2021

    The internet contains a great number of cryptocurrencies you can invest in, but not all can be the best for you. Cryptocurrencies let you buy goods and services or even decide to trade them at a profit. Many of the cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology.

    Which Cryptocurrency Will Explode in 2021?

    Here are the best cryptocurrencies that are expected to explode in 2021;

    i. Bitcoin- BTC

    ii. Litecoin- LTC

    iii. Ethereum- ETH

    iv. Best Attention Token- BAT

    v. Ripple- XRP

    Bitcoin- BTC


    Bitcoin: BTC is often referred to as “the king of cryptocurrencies” because it is widely used by many online investors. This was the first cryptocurrency to operate, and it is still growing strong.

    Bitcoin: BTC has the highest liquidity in the crypto space, which makes it stand strong in the market and marks it the best cryptocurrency to invest in as a beginner.

    Because people are buying and selling Bitcoin- BTC nonstop, you can trust it. You won’t have trouble selling your bitcoins. As the demand for bitcoins rises, their price is expected to rise; thus, you can consider Bitcoin- BTC as one of the cryptocurrencies that will explode in 2021.

    Litecoin- LTC

    Litecoin assures you as an investor with high liquidity and a large market cap giving you all the reasons to trust and invest in it. As an investor, you need to make sure that you keep off any cryptocurrency with a smaller market cap.

    Litecoin cryptocurrency is expected to explode in 2021 because it requires an average time of 2 minutes to block on the Litecoin blockchain. This makes it the fastest cryptocurrency among other cryptocurrencies in the market.

    Litecoin also falls among the big four cryptocurrencies on the coin base. This assures you that no matter what happens in the future, the Litecoin cryptocurrency will remain among the top competitors.

    Ethereum- ETH


    Ethereum is marked as one of the top cryptocurrencies as it was the first major cryptocurrency to introduce smart contracts. The smart contracts allow the developers to launch desktop and mobile applications on the blockchain technology, which has maintained this cryptocurrency among the top cryptocurrencies.

    Ethereum ranks second after Bitcoin cryptocurrency in terms of liquidity. This assures you of a hassle-free buying and selling of the Ethereum cryptocurrency. On the other end, there is always someone waiting for you to drop the cryptocurrency for him/her to buy or sell.

    Ethereum cryptocurrency also has a loyal team and community that can remain stable and increase in value. This shows that it will still remain the best cryptocurrency in 2021.

    Best Attention Token- BAT


    BAT has shown a rise and best trend in the cryptocurrency in the past three consecutive years. This indicates that it will still remain at the top in the coming year, 2021.

    BAT operates using a web browser and allows you to choose how to tip the BAT cryptocurrency on the rightful information to receive. Since many people are moving online, then BAT is expected to remain at the top.

    Main coins have risen and fallen, but BAT remains at the top, thus acting as a good indicator that its price evaluation might increase in 2021.

    Ripple- XRP

    Ripple falls fourth after Bitcoin and Ethereum when it comes to market capitalization. Ripple is a venture-backed start-up that assists banks in a financial settlement that allows the banks to make transactions directly and instantly all over the globe.

    Ripple majors in large institutions. It is expected to explode in 2021 and in the coming years for the institutional support and being protected from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    How Can I Check Cryptocurrency Latest News and Updates Price?

    When you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency, then you don’t need to remain in the dark. You need to remain updated on the latest news and be updated on the cryptocurrency market trends.

    For the latest news about any cryptocurrency of your choice, you can trust the following news sites;

    Reddit (

    Reddit brings together numerous communities, authentic human connection, and endless conversation on the latest news in the trending topics worldwide. Reddit is always updated on any breaking news, TV theories, sports, cryptocurrency, and many more.

    Reddit houses a community of interested individual who gives an analysis of the latest news about the topic of your choice. Founded in 2005 by two college friends, Reddit has remained at the top and trusted site for any form of news you may like.


    Apart from the news, you can also learn a lot about cryptocurrency like the cryptocurrency rules and the easiest way to get used to the cryptocurrency market.


    After getting the latest news concerning your cryptocurrency latest news, you also need to keep an eye on the price market.

    You can get the latest prices here;

    Coin Market Cap (

    Here is where you get all the prices of numerous cryptocurrencies of your choice. With the coin market cap, you can access the specific cryptocurrency, symbol, market cap, latest price, circulating supply, accumulated volume exchange per day, and percentage exchange per hour, per 24 hours, and per 7 days.

    The site also analyses for you the best cryptocurrency in the market in terms of price..


    Trading View (

    Trading view also introduces you to the best cryptocurrencies at the market prices, gives analysis using charts that guide you to the best cryptocurrency.

    It presents more than 200 cryptocurrencies showing the default prices in U.S Dollars and sorts cryptocurrencies depending on the market capitalization. At a quick glance, Trading View allows you to check the key cryptocurrency metrics such as total and available number of coins, the closing price, price change percentage, and trading volume.

    You can check the performance tab to get the analysis of the cryptocurrency volatility and evaluate its performance at a quick glance.



    Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners: How do I Buy Cryptocurrency?

    As a beginner in the cryptocurrency market, you don't need to worry about how to make a purchase. It is quite simple, and you can achieve it in two ways;

    Using Android or IOS Apps

    These apps are available in different app stores, and it's very simple to use them. After downloading them into your device, you need to open them and;

    · Tap the menu icon on the top left of your screen to open the navigation bar.

    · Click on Buy

    · Choose the type of digital currency you like

    · Enter the amount you wish to spend denominated by your local or digital currency

    · Select the wallet your funds would be deposited into

    · Selected the convenient payment method

    · Tap BUY.

    Using the Web Browser

    This is also quite simple. Open your favorite browser;

    · Navigate to the buys page

    · Select the specific type of cryptocurrency

    · Enter the amount you wish to buy

    · Select the wallet that your funds will be deposited into

    · Select your payment method

    · Review your order, then click BUY

    It is that simple!

    Best Cryptocurrency Wallet


    As a Cryptocurrency investor, there are some software programs you need to have to keep on moving. For instance, you need a Cryptocurrency wallet, which is a software program, hardware device, or online platform that serves to hold the keys you send and receive different blockchain Cryptocurrency tokens. The Cryptocurrency wallet also allows you to access your Cryptocurrency balance.

    Here are the best Cryptocurrency wallets;

    Hardware Wallets- Ledger Nano S


    The Ledger Nano S is one of the widely used hardware Cryptocurrency wallets. It holds over 1500 Cryptocurrencies, and still, its list of Cryptocurrencies is widening.

    Ledger Nano S is considered the most secure Cryptocurrency wallet as it keeps all your private keys offline, meaning no one can access them easily.

    Software Wallets- Coinbase


    Coinbase is a kind of exchange with its own software wallet and is thus considered an online web wallet.

    Coinbase is not as secure as hardware wallets, but the good news is that you can download it and use it for free.

    Mobile Phone Wallets- Binance

    Binance is the best-recommended cryptocurrency wallet when it comes to mobile phone wallets. It comes with an official mobile app known as Trust Wallet.

    It supports more than 40 blockchains, an indication that it can support millions of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

    Paper Wallets

    If you want to secure your cryptocurrencies, then paper wallets are the safest wallets you can trust. They are offline wallets that are characterized by printed QR codes that hold your public and private keys.

    If you are a regular cryptocurrency trader, then paper wallets may inconvenience you.

    Free Cryptocurrency- Cryptocurrency Mining


    Cryptocurrency mining simply means using a machine to perform specific tasks to obtain a little bit of cryptocurrency.

    Here are few ways you can achieve Cryptocurrency mining;

    Cloud Mining


    This is the most popular way to mine Cryptocurrencies without much strain. Here you go through the process of paying someone some amount of money to rent out their mining machine and perform the mining process.

    Cloud mining is the most popular since it offers you the possibility to participate in a world of Cryptocurrencies.

    CPU Mining

    This makes use of processors to mine certain Cryptocurrencies. It is considered the slowest method of Cryptocurrency mining; thus, few people use it.

    GPU Mining

    This is the most popular and widely used Cryptocurrencies mining method. It is popular among Cryptocurrency investors as it has much expert personnel with numerous rigs.

    GPU mining is also efficient and relatively cheap and utilizes the graphics cards to mine Cryptocurrencies.


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