What are the Top 13 Most Undervalued Cryptocurrencies in 2020?

    Do you want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies?

    The world of crypto is still evolving and theres a lot that people need to know before investing in Cryptocurrencies. With market shifts a big concern in trading cryptos, an informed decision is better than an uninformed one as the best possible returns are found by taking a risk, not just chance.


    While investing in big coins, you better know what youre dealing with and in this article, we will lay out the top 13 cryptocurrencies in 2020 that we believe to be the most unvalued. The technology that underlies cryptos is oftentimes hard to understand and to make matters worse there are already around 3,000 different digital assets.


    Before heading further, we want to discuss a few benefits of undervalued cryptocurrencies


    If youre new to the trading world, investing in underpriced cryptos could give your portfolio a boost.

    Most undervalued currencies often hit their true potential sooner or later and you can buy at low and sell at high.

    An undervalued currency is  can be the best bargain for you if you are a beginner as you dont have to spend a fortune.

    Such cryptos are decentralized which means no government or bank controls their production and exchange.


    Top 13 Most Undervalued Cryptocurrencies in 2020

    Here we
    ve curated a list of 13 most undervalued cryptocurrencies in 2020 for new investors:


    1. Fusion (FSN): Fusion is perhaps one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies that enables a cross-chain asset ecosystem to support different payments. It employs Distributed Control Right Management as a security layer to secure assets on its blockchain. Fusion coins own 190th place in the crypto world and use the Hierarchical Hybrid Consensus Mechanism (HHCM).


    Why  Fusion (FSN) is undervalued?


    Though FSN can perform cross-chain asset swaps and tokenize things like loans and insurance, the value of these services is not that much as compared to other competitive tokens. However, these will be one of the most valuable services in the future and can be considered a good option.


    2. Ox (ZRX): Ox is a promising crypto project built on the Ethereum smart contract system and defined as an open protocol allowing traders to exchange Ethereum tokens. Also, the currency helps developers build their crypto exchanges and enables the integration of updates and improvements without disturbing the whole system.  


    Why Ox (ZRX) is undervalued?

    Though decentralized exchanges are seen to be the future of investment, there are chances of side deals vulnerability. However, Ox is in the position to benefit from the Ethereum scaling solutions that will be implemented shortly. Also, the chance of approval of the proposal for stake-based liquid incentives.


    3. Chainlink (LINK): Chainlink serves as a medium for Smart Contracts to autonomously communicate with the real world or external resources. LINK by capitalization with 660 million dollars owns 18th place in the crypto world. Currently, the currency is trading near to its lowest level but the price could jump quickly shortly.        


    Why Chainlink (LINK) is undervalued?


    LINK has a strong marketing presence as Blockchain technology has been growing by leaps and bounds and this makes such services essential. Also, Chainlink enjoys the benefits of early entrance into the industry and many reputed industries are coming forward to support it. The price of this cryptocurrency is rising quickly across many exchanges.  


    4. Bitcoin (BTC): Being the first cryptocurrency launched, Bitcoin represents the blockchain itself and account for over 75% of the entire crypto market. It is the most well-established and most liquid digital asset and taken as a viable alternative to the current fragile financial banking system.            


    Why Bitcoin (BTC) is undervalued?


    According to many market analysts, Bitcoin already bottomed and now coming up with whole new profit potential. Though Bitcoin is the more expensive cryptocurrency and holds a significant share of value, it is still undervalued as it is still cheap. Every time the crypto industry has a new development, Bitcoin increases intrinsic value.


    5. Holo (HOT): A whole new player in the crypto world and this decentralized cloud computing platform entered the market just in 2018. It is taken as the network behind the crypto and considered a scalable, agent-centric distributed computing platform. It shifts from a data-centric to an agent-centric model to allow the usershost dApps on their system and make profits.    


    Why Holo (HOT) is undervalued?


    Being a newcomer, Holo is incredibly cheap currency but looks ready to perform a decent gain.           


    6. Tron -TRX: One of the fastest-growing dApps platform with almost a billion dollars in market cap and number 12 in the world. This currency offers a lot of potential as it works to build a truly decentralised Internet with Blockchain technology along with active marketing as well as revenue plans.


    Why Tron -TRX is undervalued?


    TRX or Tron is trading near its lows against the USD and at the same time starting to build a possible return due to its security, globalization, decentralization, high performance, and encryption. Also, the currency focuses its efforts on technology and marketing and offers a complete set of programming tools for developers.  


    7. Ripple - XRP: The digital token of the XRP Ledger and one of the most efficient settlement option and accepted by major financial institutions. This leading altcoin is positioned for potentially big gains as it leverages blockchain technology to enable banks, digital asset exchanges, and payment transactions across the globe.


    Why Ripple is undervalued?


    Ripple is the infrastructure behind cross-border cryptocurrency payments and adding more and more banks to its network. The currency is undervalued and many big players are adding to the network as cryptocurrency awareness and demand rise. There is a big chance to enjoy high profits by investing in Ripple.   


    8. Aion - AION: A multi-tier block-chained network that is designed with a futuristic approach targeting the unique industry problems. The currency is focused on becoming a solution for powering the blockchain networks and enabling an efficient, decentralized system. It ensures the smooth transfer of assets and smart contracts logic across the blockchain.               


    Why Aion is undervalued?


    AION as a coin holds the 104th spot in the cryptocurrency world and provides incentives to validators that maintain the bridges. The currency is now broadening its horizons across the globe and this expansion has led the prices to hit significant resistances. Also, the network provides unique interoperability features.           


    9. Cosmos (ATOM): A decentralized ecosystem of independent blockchains and it is expected to be the foundation of Internet technology shortly. As far as its architecture is concerned, it is based on various independent blockchains called Zonesthat are linked to Huba central blockchain.    


    Why Cosmos is undervalued?


    Cosmos has scaled into one of the biggest organic communities as it solves the scalability problem with dozens of real and interesting projects going on. A lot of major players are using COSMOS as they believe that it is a useful technology that can be used to host various applications. Also, the experts expect that the currencys price will rise.           


    10. Icon (ICX): A technology and network framework designed to allow independent blockheads to interact with each other and the coin ICX holds 43rd place in the crypto world. What makes it a popular choice among investors is that each ICX has the right to stake and vote for validators in the ICON network.      


    Why Icon is undervalued?


    ICX is one of the most severely undervalued currencies on the market and partners with some of the big names in the blockchain world. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want to buy as much as they can and enjoy profits. Also, the currency has accomplished far more than other coins and has more partners in the market.  


    11. Quant (QNT): Quant network incorporates the Overledger blockchain OS and QNT token to ensure interoperability between multiple blockchains. Also, it allows connection between global networks and chains with more flexibility, and the coin ranks at 66th place in the crypto world.        


    Why Quant is undervalued?


    Quants being patented and distinctive has solved universal DLT interoperability at scale. As it is the only altcoin that has been able to do this at scale with any systems as of today, the network has the potential to attract value. It is currently focusing on major industries such as supply chain & logistics, healthcare, multi-chain digital asset, etc.   


    12. Polkadot (DOT): A heterogeneous multi-chain technology that allows the seamless operations of multiple blockchains together. It also enables transactional scalability by spreading the transactions over a network of multiple parallel blockchains. It has the potential to be adopted by the masses.


    Why Polkadot is undervalued?


    It has novel data availability features and security schemes allowing blockchains to interact with each other logically. At the same time, the chains remain autonomous yet together and it is a heterogeneous multi-chain technology. Furthermore, the network upgrades are coordinated on-chain and ratified autonomously.     


    13. Basic Attention Token - BAT: An open-source, decentralized ad exchange platform that works to address fraud in digital marketing. It works with the attention of the reader by privately monitoring and the users are rewarded with BATs for their attention. It makes sure that the users private data never leaves their device.                 


    Why is it undervalued?


    Though the platform comes with many useful and superior features, BATs ecosystem still in development. However, the potential integration with other dApps is expected to increase its framework and investors can work with a solid developers team.






    Will Holochain Reach $1?


    There are chances that Holochain can reach $1 but according to the estimated predictions, it may not happen in 2020 but when it takes part in the bull market.


    Will Digibyte Reach $10?


    The Digibyte may reach anywhere between $1 and $10 that could make the DGB crypto the most valuable cryptocurrency in the industry.


    Is Ripple Undervalued?


    Yes, Ripple is undervalued and many experts have stated that it might reach as high as $20 by 2020 as the currency has the highest potential as compared to other cryptos.


    The Final Verdict


    Cryptocurrencies are gaining more mainstream consumer attraction these days and continue big gains in the coming years. There are undervalued cryptos in the market that understanding them can make your investment a lot easier. As not all that glitters is gold, you need to understand the different cryptocurrencies and blockchain world.  


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